News : Cheptegei also wants to smash Bekele's Record of 10,000

News :

Cheptegei also wants to smash Bekele's Record of 10,000

Cheptegei wants to continue making history / AFP

Joshua Cheptegei is in a brutal state of form and it has been proposed that his name appear as many times as he can on the World Athletics Records list. The Ugandan long-distance runner, who achieved the 5,000-meter world record held by Kenenisa Bekele since 2004 just 10 days ago in Monaco, is hungry for more, much more. Joshua set a stratospheric time of 12: 35.37, lost almost every lap of 1:01 and the last two of the minute. An atrocity.

Going for the next record

But far from being satisfied with that, the African has assured in an interview for ‘Let’s run’ that he is preparing a big surprise for now and that it would be to attack the World Record that Kenenisa Bekele has kept in his possession since 2005. It should be remembered that when the Ethiopian achieved the world record of 5,000 in 2004, just eight days later he took the World Record of 10,000.

A surprise prepared

“If all goes well, I could do something special. I have a surprise. I could run 10,000 meters very soon. We are almost getting closer. Maybe Jurrie (Van der Velden, his manager) has more updates than I do, but I'm sure maybe two weeks from now, you'll really see something brewing. There is something going on, but I don't want to mention it. Jurrie will speak about it, ”Cheptegei commented mysteriously.

The technology

On the famous sneakers and the technological advantages that Joshua enjoyed over Kenenisa in 2004, the Ugandan says that "We are in 2020. We are not in the 80s, we are not in the 90s, we are not in the 70s. So we have to accept new developments in sport, new technology. You talked about the Wavelight (the light signals it had in Monaco), you talked about the clocks, you talked about the rhythm and yes, even about the shoes. We are really getting new innovations. As you saw in Vienna (with the INEOS 1:59 Challenge), Eliud was doing it with the lights and with a different shoe. It tells you that everything is special at all times: the nails in 1980, the nails that Gebrselassie used, the nails that Kenenisa Bekele used at that time, were special at that time ”.

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