News : Cheptegei defends his record against the avalanche of criticism for the shoes

News :

Cheptegei defends his record against the avalanche of criticism for the shoes

Cheptegei has defended his record in networks

Joshua Cheptegei achieved a 16-year-old world record in Monaco. Little by little the oldest records are falling. Something of course have to do with those magic shoes that in recent months are taking over the current world of athletics over even the sporting feats themselves. The Ugandan, present and future of the fund at 23 years old, was the main protagonist of a meeting at the Louis II stadium, simply spectacular.

It served its purpose to the millimeter

He went with a clear purpose, the hares (both physical and luminous) were prepared for it and the truth is that the African did not disappoint. Cheptegei was down in almost every lap of 1:01 and in the last two of the minute to break a mark that no one had managed to overcome since 2004. 12: 35: 7, a record that will go down in history.

Respond to gossip

Obviously, beyond the pertinent praise, on social media the 'run run' on the shoes came to the fore again and the Ugandan athlete himself defended the value of what he had just achieved. Athletics journalist Cathal Dennehy wrote a message that read as follows: "While it is unfair for today's athletes to talk only about footwear after a record, it is unfair for past athletes not to recognize the benefit. The carbon plate shoe really changed the tide of the trail. Now he is doing the same on the track ”.

Cheptegei responds on Twitter to Dennehy with the following message: “I won the Cros World Cup in Aarhus and there was no mention of VaporFly. I won the Diamond League finals and VaporFly was still not talked about, when I achieved a World Record… Boom !. Anyway, I already think of another challenge. It is only the beginning ”.

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