News : Cheptegei will seek World Record on track … without being able to train on track

News :

Cheptegei will seek World Record on track ... without being able to train on track

Cheptegei is having some trouble training in his country / AFP

He is one of the brightest runners of today and many point to one of the athletes who will mark the next era of world athletics. Joshua Cheptegei, Ugandan, He has on his resume, among many other high altitude records, the World Record of 5 kilometers en route. He did it before all this madness generated by the coronavirus crisis broke out. In Monaco just six months ago, although it seems that a world has passed.

Precisely in the Principality the African plans to attack another world record, in this case that of the 5,000 meters, this time on the tartan. A track that he currently cannot access to train in his native country. It seems like a joke that a true world champion and world 'recordman' and that he has in mind to attack a record of that caliber in just 10 days cannot complete his preparation in the best possible way.

COVID transforms the Nelson Mandela

The problem is that in Uganda it has started to be used the Nelson Mandela National Stadium since last week as a refuge to host people who must isolate themselves or be quarantined due to the coronavirus pandemic, reason why the track and the facilities have been closed for any sport practice.

AnOn July 23, when the facility closed, a small group of elite runners had obtained special permission from MNS CEO Jamil Sewanyana in preparation for the resumption of the world athletics calendar. Only groups of 10 athletes could match and use the tartan only for speed exercises. The truth is that the days advance and the situation of the athletes is quite desperate considering that many, like Cheptegei or Halimah Nakaayi, are going to participate (if the pandemic and the bureaucracy allow it) in the Diamond League from Monaco.

Looking for alternatives

"At that level we are. We need training facilities, we need to do it at Namboole, "Nakaayi told a Daily Monitor’. He will participate in the 1,000 event at the Louis II Stadium. Precisely on July 18 they joined the Nakaayi training group, which also includes Ronald Musgala, world bronze medalist, Joshua Cheptegei and Stephen Kissa, but on the 23rd they saw how the Nelson Mandela Stadium will be forced to host another type of activities very different from athletics. The group has chosen to find other accessible facilities and spaces to continue training, but without the tartan.

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