News : Cheruiyot crushes and Mechaal and Kevin López fly at 1,500 in Lausanne

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Cheruiyot crushes and Mechaal and Kevin López fly at 1,500 in Lausanne

Cheruiyot flew in Lausanne / EFE
Cheruiyot flew in Lausanne / EFE

Race of 1,500 for the memory in a Meeting in Lausanne (Switzerland) that left us with a tremendous taste in our mouths. Undoubtedly, the best match so far this season. The 'milqui' had a tremendous cartel with the Kenyan Timothy Cheruiyot as the most prominent man, but with names of very high pedigree like Jakob Ingebrigtsen, his brother Filip or the athlete of Djibouti Ayanleh Solueiman. In addition, Adel Mechaal, who proved to be in top form a few days ago in Marseille, and Kevin Lopez Yerga also came out among a cast of first level.

Cheruiyot, against himself and the chrono

Well, the test not only did not disappoint, but it became a real madness. The fans who crowded the stadium of the Swiss city were gradually getting up from their seats, infected by a blazing departure of the two hares that only Cheruiyot could follow. Then the African followed alone, fighting against himself, while Jakob Ingrebigtsen printed from behind good rhythm, but without being able to trim it. In the end, Timothy stopped the clock in 3:28:78, only 37 hundredths of his personal mark achieved in Monaco last year.

Mechaal and López enter the 'Olimpo'

Jakob entered second achieving personal record and Record of Europe sub'23 with a mark of 3:30:16. The Youtube Solueiman closed the podium with 3:30:79. As for the Spaniards, Mechaal flew to finish eighth and achieve a personal mark also (13th Spanish in history) with 3:33:91. I already had the minimum for Doha the other day in Marseille. Who did not have it was Kevin Lopez, who after a long injury has become stronger than ever and also made a personal mark with 3:34:83 (19th Spanish in history). He will also be in the World Cup. Long live athletics!

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