News : Chicago also falls and London may not be disputed until fall 2021

News :

Chicago also falls and London may not be disputed until fall 2021

The London Marathon is in a very delicate situation

After three ‘Majors’ recently announced their cancellation as their celebration was unfeasible under the current conditions as a result of the coronavirus crisis, in recent hours we have learned that another large one, the one in Chicago is not going to be held this 2020 as originally planned after postponing its initial date and relocating it to October 11. "Event organizers and the City of Chicago announce the decision to cancel the 2020 Chicago Marathon and all race weekend activities in response to ongoing public health problems caused by the coronavirus pandemic," he announced. the proof in a statement.

Chicago, unfeasible in a leading country in daily infections

The Chicago Marathon attracts about 45,000 athletes each yearTherefore, thinking about carrying out an event of this magnitude was totally unthinkable considering that the United States is breaking its record of new infections practically every new day and is in the world TOP of countries affected by the coronavirus.

London, very touched

Thus, it seems that only London and Valencia are already in the running for the great marathons with a platinum label. But, according to exclusive information that this Monday dropped caer The Telegraph ’, It seems that the test of the English capital is also very touched and may not be held until autumn 2021. It seems that the conditions do not even accompany even to celebrate an elite edition only, but for the moment we wait to see what is the final verdict of the organization.

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