News : CHIO Aachen: Germany is second in show jumping at the Nations Cup

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CHIO Aachen: Germany is second in show jumping at the Nations Cup

Despite catching up in the second round, Germany has only finished second in show jumping at the CHIO in Aachen. It would have been the fourth title in a row, Sweden won in the end with one penalty point (four in total) less than Germany.

The two world-class riders Daniel Deußer and Christian Ahlmann belonged for the first time again to the German squad. In the past two years, the Olympic mediators of 2016 had refused to sign the athlete agreement of the German Equestrian Riding Olympics Committee.

Despite the weak opening round, there was still reason to rejoice for the German quartet around world champion Simone Blum, who remained clean. After the first run, the team was only in sixth place, Ahlmann and Marcus Ehning had each collected four penalty points. In addition, Deußer came too late to the finish. "You can see how painful a time error can hurt," said coach Otto Becker.

The German team got off to a good start: Simone Blum and her horse Alice showed a perfect lap. Effortless, the 30-year-old overcame the twelve obstacles. "That was a great round," said Blum. After that, all teammates pummeled, the four penalty points for Ahlmann and Ehning were each on the last jump. The second run was perfect for the German team, there was not a single penalty point. The catch-up hunted just short.

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