News : Cienfuegos dazzles on the 1st day of the Spanish Championship

News :

Cienfuegos dazzles on the 1st day of the Spanish Championship

Javier Cienfuegos, the man of the day in La Nucía / LBDC
Javier Cienfuegos, the man of the day in La Nucía / LBDC

The Championship of Spain of La Nucía has kicked off this Saturday and has left us throughout the first day and special moments and top-level brands. Perhaps what has stood out most is the Record of Spain achieved by Javier Cienfuegos, who with his 78.70 has established the fourth best world brand of the year. Cienfuegos has proclaimed champion ahead of Alberto González and Pedro José Martín.

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Álvaro Martín takes the 10,000 march

The first finals of the morning have been left to us by the 10,000 meter marches. A priori, an open duel between Álvaro Martín, Diego García Carrera and Miguel Ángel López who The current European champion (Martín) has been finished with 39.33.38 ahead of López (silver) and Marc Tur (bronze). López has also achieved the best Spanish brand of the year in the distance.

The other champion of morning Spain has been the javelin thrower Arantza Moreno, which has been released on this track record with a better shot of 56.53. In the morning we also had the opportunity to see the premiere of María Vicente, one of the most media athletes of today at her scarce 18 years.

Already in the afternoon session, with the stands of La Nucía with much better appearance and lower temperature than on a very hot morning, we have been able to witness the semifinals of the 400 hurdles, the 200, the 400 smooth or the 800. No remarkable surprise and All favorites ready and ready for the finals this Sunday.

For his part, the European champion of heptathlon Jorge Ureña has achieved personal mark in the high jump (2.09) and his participation is very well directed towards this Sunday.

Diamé, Vallés, Ruiz, Guerra and Lois Maikel, champions

Fatima Diame has met the forecasts and has been proclaimed national champion of length (6.48), but has not achieved the minimum desired for Doha. They have completed the podium Cora Salas and Leticia Gil.

In male pole vault, triumph for Adrián Vallés (5.48) against Bychkov (same brand) and Manel Miralles, while in the javelin throwing Manu Quijera, favorite, has won with his 77.39 against Jainaga and his brother Nico Quijera.

In the female victory new victory for Úrsula Ruiz (12th national title for her) with 17.52 ahead of Toimil and Ambar del Carmen Sánchez. In height, the young Galician Saleta Fernández has taken the title with her 1.90 before Cristina Ferrando and Izaskun Turrillas.

Surprise in the triple male jump with the best personal brand and championship of Spain by Jaime Guerra (16.45), which has surpassed Pablo Torrijos (16.22) and Sergio Solanas (16.19).

Championship of Spain ‘expected’ of Lois Maikel Martínez in men's record (58.31); The Casañas and Hernández drawer have been completed.

Paula Sevilla and Sergio Juárez, the ‘rays’ of the night in La Nucía

In speed, Spanish champion young Paula Sevilla with its 10.42 before María Isabel Pérez (11.42) and Carmen Marco and national title for Sergio Juárez with best personal brand (10.32) before the veteran and mythical Pájaro (10.39 at 39) and Arian Téllez.

Irene Queen and Abbey flies in an exciting 5,000

Irene Sánchez-Escribano has reigned in the 3,000 obstacles with women with a great performance and arriving with a lot of advantage (9.43.70). Silver for Carolina Robles and bronze for María José Pérez.

One of the highlights of the day already reached the end with a 5,000 male with a tremendous sign. He has thrown almost the entire Adel Mechaal race with Abadía and Sergio Jiménez stuck, but Finally, Zaragoza has won the best mark of the season (13.29.37) before Jiménez (13.32.27. Mechaal, third.


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