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Clemens Tönnies - Easy to move away from nobody - Sport

Schalkes Ehrenrat decides on the future of his supervisory board chairman. Tönnies and Schalke - that was a complicated story even before his racist remarks.

Clemens Tönnies loves drastic phrasing, and it's not always easy to immediately recognize what he really means - or what he just said - at the Fleischfabrikanten and supervisory board boss of FC Schalke 04. Sometimes, it seems, even he does not know the differences.

That an adversary of another meat company chased him "a knife in the back - I'll still be allowed to say publicly." When he said that, he looked damned healthy.

Or when he had serious problems with the prosecutor. Then he growled at the table: If this keeps going, it could happen that he "one day with ten liters of gasoline" go to the marketplace of his hometown Rheda and set himself alight. Nobody believed him.

By profession Tönnies has the ability to dissect reality in his own way. With real or artificial Karacho, he also likes going on opponents. Word cascades accompany his way.

Tönnies is a patron in the literal sense. It takes a while to realize that

But what he said last Thursday on the "Day of the Handicraft" in Paderborn in front of about 1600 listeners to the actually manageable topic "Entrepreneurship with Responsibility - Paths to the Future of Food Production" was also a very special absurdity for Tönnies ,

First, the 63-year-old talked about taxes and said at first what some like to hear: no tax increase, not even because of climate change. Instead of raising taxes, "one would rather finance twenty power plants a year in Africa". Then Tönnies concluded, "Africans would stop cutting down trees and they would stop when it was dark to produce children."

Racist, wrong, stupid, idiotic. The public verdicts on Tönnies utterances were unanimous. As it is seen internally, on this Tuesday is the five-member Schalke Honorary Council. Tönnies has promised to appear before the council; Possible sanctions range from a "warning", a "reprimand" to the "removal from association offices on time and duration".

"Something like that does not just slip out of your ears during an official speech, there is a highly problematic attitude behind it," explained Sylvia Schenk from the organization "Transparency International". Former German national player and Schalke pro Gerald Asamoah, 40, wrote on Instagram that he was "a little speechless ... his statement left me very surprised, shocked and hurt". He had been a close friend of Tönnies for a long time, Asamoah continued, "he never behaved racist to me."

Asamoah was born in Ghana, on Schalke they called him when he came from Hannover 96 in 1999, first "Asa", then "Blondie". This is his nickname until today. Rudi Assauer, the late, long-time Schalke manager, was the first to say "Blondie". A soccer-joke?

Honorary Councilor of FC Schalke 04

The Schalke Honorary Council consists of five members who are more than 30 years old and must be in the club for at least five years. At least two members must have the qualifications to become judges.

The current honorary councils are:

Prof. Dr. Klaus Bernsmann (Head of the Department of Criminal and Procedural Law at the University of Bochum).

Götz Bock (judge at the Hessian financial court).

Hans-Joachim Dohm (Protestant pastor i.R.).

Bernhard Terhorst (tax consultant).

Kornelia Toporzysek (Judge OLG Dusseldorf).

Clemens Tönnies, 63, is often referred to as the Schalke "club boss". In official capacity, he is chairman of the eleven-member supervisory board, which also includes former coach Huub Stevens. The board is currently made up of three club bosses: Peter Peters (Finance), Jochen Schneider (Sports) and Alexander Jobst (Marketing, Communications).

Tönnies is a patron in the literal sense. It takes a while to realize that. His office is an open room in Rheda-Wiedenbrück; He is having lunch with the department heads of his company at the conference table. And then there are always the moments, as it reminds of representatives of another generation. These were people sitting behind padded doors, smoking cigars and developing their battle plans there. Tönnies loves to fight battles.

He smokes a cigar, is a big game hunter, likes to sing, sometimes on tours late at night, when fellow travelers long for peace and quiet. After winning the World Cup 2014 in Brazil, he sang the song "Toten Hosen" at the victory celebration in the Copacabana Palace with Manuel Neuer in his arms: "Tage wie sie". The song for a moment.

Tönnies has learned to appreciate such moments; presumably because he knows that there will be new problems soon. At work and in the club. Actually, he knows how to deal with resistances of all kinds. No matter on which playing surface. But racism is not a game.

An East Westphalian dickskull. 1.86 meters tall, 184 pounds. Such a can not easily be pushed away by anyone. A newcomer with ideas that do not inspire everyone. In 2004, together with a knife manufacturer, he launched the butchery competition "German Dissection Championship". Participants must drill pork shoulder, so the bone professionally released from the meat of slaughter animals. Tönnies is a real specialist. Little calf, however, he says, can never "kill." His capacity for self-suggestion is considerable.

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