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Clemens Tönnies: Support from the Bundesliga - Sport

  • Clemens Tönnies receives support from the Bundesliga.
  • Düsseldorf coach Friedhelm Funkel, for example, condemns the racist statements of the Schalke supervisory board chairman at an event. He also pleads for a second chance for Tönnies.
  • Approval receives sparkle from Max Eberl, Armin Veh and Simon Rolfes.

Friedhelm Funkel made a flaming plea for a second chance for Clemens Tönnies, sitting next to him Max Eberl, Armin Veh and Simon Rolfes nodded in agreement. Although the prominent members of the Bundesliga condemned the racist statements of the Schalke supervisory board chairman, they advocated a return of the billionaire entrepreneur after the self-imposed three-month break.

"The witch-hunt, which is hosted on him, must stop someday," said coach Funkel of Fortuna Dusseldorf on the sidelines of the football summit Rheinische Post the Sport-Informations-Dienst, "Clemens has made a statement that is not working, he has lost himself in the choice of words, and I do not think he's okay with what he's done with now, he's being slaughtered," Funkel had said earlier during the event.

Tönnies made a "serious mistake". He has "admitted and apologized" for this mistake, "Funkel continues:" People kill people with a samurai sword, they report two days about it, then it's forgotten, we all have to come down a bit. "

"If you make mistakes, you must be able to continue"

Approval received sparkle from Eberl, Veh and Rolfes. "He said something you should not say, you do not say that and he knows that when a sentence breaks his life and he can not perform anymore, that's grossly exaggerated," said Manager Veh of 1. FC Cologne.

Sport Director Eberl von Borussia Mönchengladbach emphasized that "the indignation was there with us". But you have to give a person the opportunity to "get up again." Leverkusen sporting director Rolfes agreed with him. "If you make mistakes, it must be able to continue," said the former international.

Tönnies gave a speech on "Entrepreneurship with Responsibility - Paths to the Future of Food Production" at the "Day of Crafting" in Paderborn. The Schalke boss recommended the financing of power plants in Africa and said: "Then Africans would stop cutting down trees and they will stop producing children when it's dark."

Tönnies then apologized and announced that he would leave his post for three months. This proposal was met by the Honorary Council. The fact that Tönnies was able to set the punishment itself caused amazement. The Schalke fans held a poster with the inscription "We show Tönnies the red card" on Saturday before the cup match at SV Drochtersen / Assel (5: 0).

Actor Peter Lohmeyer has meanwhile drawn personal consequences from the affair Tönnies and has resigned as a member. "Schalke 04 has always been at the forefront of the fight against discrimination and racism, and I've always been very proud of that, but now this is questioned by the butcher, and that makes me angry - and sad," the 57-year-old told the magazine 11Freunde,

Bundesliga Schalke will not be able to get rid of the Tönnies debate soon enoughVideo

Schalke will not be able to get rid of the debate about Tönnies

The board calls on the fans to the unity and ironed off the emerging criticism of the mild punishment - this is a fatal signal.

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