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Climate activist Greta Thunberg starts sailing trip: That's the weather

16 year old climate activist: Greta Thunberg: Sailing trip to America started

Today Greta Thunberg started her journey under sail to New York. In the process, the young climate activist is faced with demanding and uncomfortable conditions - above all due to the weather. "Float" looks in advance to the weather during the two-week trip.

Today on Wednesday afternoon, the Hamburg skipper Boris Herrmann (38) with the Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg across the Atlantic to New York started.

There, the 16-year-old wants to continue her activities for climate protection, which started less than a year ago with the first school strike on 20 August. This includes participation in the UN climate summit. The Swedish teenager had previously completed the middle school with top marks - and wants to travel by sailing yacht over the Atlantic instead of jet.

Probetörn was successful

The 18-meter-long ocean yacht "Malizia" was until then available in the Mayflower Marina of Plymouth in the south west of England for taking off. Previously, there had been a trial run, to the non-sailor teens on the uncomfortable and exhausting journey (more on this: That's what Greta Thunberg on the Atlantic Ocean) to vote.

Co-skipper Pierre Casiraghi, Greta's father Svante Thunberg and filmmaker Nathan Grossman, who is making a documentary about the trip, are also on board the "Malizia" racing boat. About two weeks, the racing boat is expected to be on the road. The conditions for the trip are demanding - especially as far as the weather is concerned.

Storm low threatens

Before it starts, the crew and their three guests had to await the departure of the last bad weather front. "After the passage of the lows and its front today it can go in the afternoon with good west wind through the Biscay" showed up float-Wetterexperte Sebastian Wache optimistic for the start on Wednesday afternoon.

The weather conditions at the beginning of the trip to New York will demand a lot from the crew. But skipper Boris Herrmann knows the mostly rough Biscay like the back of his hand. The professional sailor was only here last November, at the single-handed Regatta Route Du Rhum in the Caribbean, here on the road.

The certified meteorologist Sebastian Wache specializes in weather routing for deep-sea sailing crews. He explains why the time is right for the start today: "The wind remains relatively stable, as behind it opens a high-pressure wedge to penetrate into the Bay of Biscay. He keeps the wind alive. "

Before the next low direction Canary Islands

However, the wind turns for Greta Thunberg and her men's crew on Thursday on the southwest and thus slowly against. "In addition, the wind increases more and more on Friday," explains Sebastian Wache. Because from the Atlantic approaching a storm, which is expected to unfold its full force on Saturday with up to 40 knots of wind.

The meteorologist's advice: "The boat should therefore start today right after the front and see that they have crossed the Biscay before the next low and are already on the way to the Canaries." This corresponds exactly to the current planning, as last night was communicated by the crew of "Malizia".

If the racing boat on which the last preparations were made the day before departure, once near the Canary Islands, it goes slowly with the Passat in the direction of the Caribbean. And then it can go on to New York.

Further north, the location is too dangerous

Actually, the direct route to the East Coast metropolis runs a bit more northerly. But that's not an option for Skipper Boris Herrmann. "Much farther to the north or generally a north course I would not do despite the fast boat." Estimates Sebastian Wache of the weather world the situation on the ocean. "But the conditions are too weak at about 30 ° N because of the high-pressure belt. And further north, the low-lying situation is just too insecure and too dangerous. "

This is especially true when sailors are on board who have no experience. The Passat route is safest there. Still, "Some wave disturbances are currently traveling along with squalls." With this sudden and rapid increase in wind speed, the danger of hurricanes also increasing.

"Overall, the trip at this time of year is associated with some risks. Therefore, it is extremely important to keep a close eye on the weather situation, "advises the experienced weather expert. "And to make arrangements at an early stage if there is something unpleasant on the horizon." And Boris Herrmann relies on weather data from the Kiel firm Wetterwelt, which includes ours, for the upcoming trip float-Wetterexperte Sebastian Wache heard.

An extremely experienced skipper

Dee Caffari, one of the most successful long-distance sailors in the world, supports Greta Thunberg. Across from float The six-time circumnavigator and environmentalist formulated a personal message for the young climate activist. Regarding the circumstances of life on board, the professional sailor says: "With Boris Herrmann you are in good hands, so enjoy it. Eat, drink and sleep enough to enjoy this opportunity to the fullest. "

Boris Herrmann sees no danger for the Swede who is completely inexperienced in sailing: "I think the biggest challenge will be the unfamiliar movement pattern of this boat, and everything else is a small inconvenience. It is a kind of camping. And when camping can sometimes live for a while with sleeping bag, fleece clothes and camping gas stove with a view to the horizon. That can be nice too. "

Even the boats, which are used to bring guests and the crew aboard the sailing-racer on the road in advance, run emission-free like the racing boat in normal operation. The used RIBs and tender boats are equipped with purely electric motors of the Bavarian manufacturer Torqeedo.

Its co-founder Christoph Ballin was also in Plymouth shortly before the departure. Across from float he had said just a few weeks ago: "The debate on whether climate change exists and whether it is man-made is actually through. Of course, there are a few stragglers who still do not want to believe it, because they do not want to change their behavior. "

Departure in the afternoon

Before the start of the approximately two-week trip, originally scheduled for 16 clock German time, there was a press conference in the harbor with Greta Thunberg and Boris Herrmann. A very sovereign acting Greta Thunberg answered the questions of more than 100 media representatives. This was followed by a final crew meeting. Soon after, the tender left to bring the crew to the "Malizia". A few minutes later, the boat headed for its New York destination.

The position of the "Malizia" on the way to New York will be tracked at any time via the tracker on the websites and

This article was written by float Redaktion

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