News : Climb Everest on the most difficult side alone and without oxygen

News : Climb Everest on the most difficult side alone and without oxygen

Jornet, for his most difficult challenge this spring / Instagram

After his second daughter was born a few days ago, it seems that Kilian Jornet will soon pack his bags and move to one of his favorite areas, the Himalayas. The Catalan mountain runner, who has already climbed Everest twice with barely a week apart without oxygen in one of the greatest feats that the highest and most mythical mountain range in the world has seen, wants to return to the top of the planet and leave again footprint with a new capital challenge.

A few days ago TV3 confirmed that this spring the several times world champion of ‘sky running’ intends to return to the Himalayas and the EFE Agency has added in the last daylight hours to what seems to be another very important challenge.

An unheard of challenge

Although Jornet has not officially announced his plans yet, it seems that what he will try is to climb Everest again alone and without oxygen, but this time do it by its most difficult path, the west ridge and the Hornbein corridor and then link the Lhotse crossing (8,516 m). Something that would turn Kilian into a true legend of world mountaineering and, according to ‘L’Esportiu’, a challenge that the well-known Swiss mountaineer Ueli Steck sought in 2017, who died in the spring of that same while acclimating himself at the top of Nuptse. (7,861 m).

It seems that It would be next May if all the conditions are met. Apparently, always according to EFE Agency, Jornet would have already asked Nepal for the necessary permits to face this fearsome Hornbein corridor. It is a route with steep slopes of snow and ice and contains very vertical rock climbing areas. Kilian achieved that double milestone without oxygen in 2017 and returned in 2019, but was unable to meet his challenge due to weather conditions. Hopefully now I have more luck.

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