News : Comment on the Super League: The destruction of the cultural asset football – sport

News : Comment on the Super League: The destruction of the cultural asset football – sport

Rudi Völler’s exclamation that the founding of a European super league is “a crime against football” captures the core of the event in a melodramatic, but factually correct manner: what the initiators from England, Spain and Italy are striving for would mean the destruction of a popular European cultural asset . The system of football that has grown over generations no longer exists when the greatest celebrities set up their own upper deck class. For this assessment it is of secondary importance whether the separatists’ plan will actually be implemented. The declaration of intent already documents the conspiracy; it represents, in the sense of Voller, the appointment to commit a crime. The damage has already been done: the audience is no longer discussing questions of taste in the football business, but about the degree of depravity this sport has reached .

An elitist circle renounces the idea of ​​community

The elitist circle terminates membership of the community, and it is now up to the community to reciprocate the renunciation. Völler has also set a standard for this that sounds radically resolute, but is probably also radically correct: Every club that wants to play in the super league must be excluded from the national leagues, he demanded, in all forms: including women, Juniors and Bambini are then no longer allowed to play.

This relentless sanction would not only be an effective counter-blow, but also the appropriate response to the brazen attempts at deception that are recorded in the Superliga’s founding certificate. It contains passages that reinterpret the remainder of the European football world as the winner of the new competition. In addition to “solidarity payments” in an allegedly never reached amount, an appointment is promised that “protects the traditional calendar of the domestic leagues as the core of club football”. These mendacious passages alone are almost a case for law enforcement.

So far, however, no footballer has emerged in Germany who would have praised the project as a benefit and pioneering innovation. The numerous manifestos of rejection and outrage that came from the Bundesliga were also joined by representatives of clubs that could potentially drift into the special league. Borussia Dortmund and RB Leipzig made statements that they consider the plan to be wrong. FC Bayern, which would be predestined for the super league like no other German club, took a stand in deeds instead of words: By sending its representatives to the Uefa and the club association ECA, the club strengthened the old institutions and took sides against the predatory cartel of the Big clubs. Honorable.

But if the unsympathetic Superliga event should really come – will the top German clubs stay at home and be content with a diet version of the Champions League that does not include the big names? The day could come when people from Munich and Dortmund have to be reminded of their word.

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