News : Comment on the transfer market: As dry as an endless sand desert – sport

News : Comment on the transfer market: As dry as an endless sand desert – sport

Hertha BSC is worried about staying in class, but not just about their own. Werder Bremen’s fears of relegation also move the Berliners. But that’s not because they find SV Werder so likeable, it’s about business. If Bremen remain in the first Bundesliga, Hertha is entitled to a ten million euro transfer fee for attacker Davie Selke, who has been on loan for green and white for a year and a half.

Werder has already paid two million euros for this rental agreement, and ten million will be due for the final takeover. That was how both parties agreed at the time – a month before a certain virus rocked the football business and put an end to price inflation. Which, besides Werder Bremen, is now also causing serious difficulties for other traditional houses.

Davie Selke, 26, is always able to slip after a ball with ostentatious passion that he then does not reach, and he just as explicitly does not avoid a duel that he will not win anyway. The problem is not its expense, but its return. According to the job title, Selke is a center forward, but according to databases, he has scored three goals in 32 matches for SV Werder.

The transfer exchange no longer offers a remedy

The sporting facts make SV Werder look even more deplorable in its dilemma: If he manages to stay in class, he has to pay the ten million that are then urgently missing elsewhere. If he is relegated, the club is spared the sinful deal, but then the mandatory survival aids in the first division are missing, with television money alone that would be around 30 million euros.

Like their colleagues in Cologne or Gelsenkirchen, the people of Bremen pay the price for the imbalance between demands and reality – a price that has risen sharply during the crisis. The sporting success has failed to materialize, the coffers are empty, but the players are still at an expensive pre-crisis level, and the transfer exchange no longer offers any remedy. Not only for goalless center strikers, but also for professionals with perspective. How long has Werder been trying to make a return with attacker Milot Rashica? Meanwhile, its price is falling from game to game. How much does he still redeem if Werder should relegate?

Peter Knäbel recently noted laconically that it is “relatively dry” on the transfer market. Apparently he had the image of an endless sand desert in mind. Schalke’s sports board is faced with the task of selling professionals like Suat Serdar, Amine Harit or Salif Sané, who have lost their reputation and value, but are equipped with multi-million dollar contracts from times before the Corona crisis. These players will “not be sold off”, says Knäbel, but what will be left to him?

TSG Hoffenheim, for example, will not be prepared to pay a transfer fee for taking over Sebastian Rudy and then to take over his annual salary of six million euros. Hertha BSC is also not allowed to grant Werder a benevolent estate in the Selke case. Compassion is not allowed in the football business.

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