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After a spectacular season, in which many unprejudiced viewers suddenly sympathized with Max Kruse (and Werder Bremen), "MK10" moves to Istanbul - and maneuvered into a sporting offside.

Cemil Turan, Diego Lugano, Alex, Dirk Kuyt, Ridvan Dilmen, Can Bartu and Roberto Carlos will succeed Max Kruse. The list of players to number ten at Fenerbahce Istanbul is "full of legends", full of legends, as Kruse wrote on Instagram, in a video announcing his move: MK10, as the 31-year-old even abbreviates, so go to Turkey. To a club that will not take part in the Europa League in sixth place of the SüperLig season 2018/19, which could save itself - according to the current state - only by a crowd funding action of its own fans before the crash; to a club that, despite all the reverence for a terrific free-kick shooter, counts Roberto Carlos, a full-back with number ten, who was already noticeably aged, after two years as a member of the club.

It begs the question: Why, Max Kruse?

Fenerbahce can not be sold as a sporting advancement and not as a longing for traditional lovers, club history with 19 championships or not. The arguments of Turkey as a football and food point are limited, the SüperLig suffers from international lack of success and has slipped in the five-year standings of Uefa behind the Belgian and Ukrainian league and has to resist the onslaught of Austria. However, these factors did not seem to play much of a role, and Fenerbahce reportedly compensated with a hefty hand money, 2.5 million euro annual salary and rent for a house in Istanbul.

Kruse did not elaborate on this when he announced in a message that he "desperately needed to gain experience abroad and help lead a big club back into international business." He is also looking forward to the "tremendous fanbase".

The tremendous fanbase that Kruse has made her darling over the past three years must have turned her stomach at the latest at these words. Abroad you could not offer Kruse at Werder Bremen, but otherwise? Great club? Goal: return to international business? Huge fan base? Everything exists between Osterdeich and Weser, where in Florian Kohfeldt one of the most distinguished young coaches in Germany works, where they consolidated financially and where in the not too distant future Max Kruse would have been counted among the legends deservedly.

Especially in Bremen you can become an enchanted legend - see Claudio Pizarro

When Kruse came to Werder, he was a former international, who shuffled from scandal to scandal. He left 75,000 euros in a Berlin taxi, had trouble with a reporter from the Bild newspaper at his birthday party and was considered an outstanding poker player, which is not a quality feature for an outstanding number ten in football. On the contrary: Kruse has played his part properly, as he turned down an improved offer of SV Werder and waited for great advances of major European clubs. And then Kohfeldt did not want him back either.

Before Kruse moved to Werder Bremen, he was publicly protected by the scandal noodle Kevin Grosskreutz, three years later he had almost led a big club back into international business as a fan favorite. It would have been easy to continue on the road in Bremen, where you'll still adore his legends a bit more than anywhere else, as the example of Claudio Pizarro shows.

Max Kruse has turned away. Instead, he has opted for a path that leads him into an uncertain future and, for now, a footballing offside.

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