News : Complete the ‘heaviest’ marathon in history with a record … in 16 hours!

News : Complete the ‘heaviest’ marathon in history with a record … in 16 hours!

An image of Philpott at the World’s Strongest Marathon / Instagram

Australian Corey Philpott achieved a tremendous Guinness Record this past weekend. He ran the 42,195 kilometers of the marathon in a totally different way than what we are used to seeing. Did loading a car with a rope, a 1.5-ton Ford Ranger. Almost nothing. Philpott used 16 hours and 12 minutes to do this and broke the previous world record by more than an hour. A true beast, a true inhuman.

The one named as ‘World’s Strongest Marathon’ has a new king. Philpott said on his Instagram account that he had seen the previous record of the British Ross Edgley, of 2016, but that he did not believe that he could never exceed it. Edgley had completed the distance on a Formula One track loading a Mini Countryman.

Eight months of preparation

“It always seemed like an incredible challenge to me, but I never thought that I would be fit enough or that I would have the courage to try it,” Philpott said on his Instagram account. “One night I had just finished watching a video of Ross on YouTube”, wrote. “Once the video was over, I went out to the living room with my parents and told them that in 2021 I would complete the strongest Marathon in the world.”

Corey explained to ‘7News Australia’ that trained more than eight months to prepare and that his preparation consisted of weight, running and car drag sessions. In addition, Philpott wanted to turn the challenge into something solidarity as well and raised $ 30,000 for ChildSafe Australia, an organization for the protection of minors and against sexual abuse.

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