News : Controversy about the 'veracity' of the Reguilón marcón running on a treadmill

News :

Controversy about the 'veracity' of the Reguilón marcón running on a treadmill

Sergio Reguilón running on the treadmill at home

It is circulating these days on social networks a sano pique ’totally healthy and‘ joker ’between Sevilla footballer Sergio Reguilón (on loan from Real Madrid to the Hispano club) and ex-footballer and‘ runner ’Álvaro Arbeloa, which was in the news a couple of years ago when he was assigned the number '155' in Behobia-San Sebastián just when in Catalonia there was this article of the Constitution and the State was in a moment of permanent conflict. Also running is the athlete and champion of Europe of 10,000 Chema Martínez.

Everything is born of some declarations of the player

Lets start by the beginning. Reguilón commented in the ‘Partidazo de COPE’ regarding the training he is doing at home that “running three minutes at 20km / h is bullshit,” to which he automatically Arbeloa challenged him to show the video in which it was clear that he achieves such a feat. The Andalusian club's left-back response was immediate: "As soon as I get that exercise, I'll send it to you." And the truth is that he did not pretend. Just a couple of days later Reguilón tagged the former Madrid player and attached a 'Wetransfer' in which he is seen completing the promised three minutes running at 20 kilometers per hour. In the middle also comments Toni Abadía, who remembers that Sergio is from Logroño, like the great Camilo Santiago.

Several athletes check the ‘fail’

Arbeloa picks up the glove immediately: "hahaha, great although those 20km I do not know if they are very homologated". And the fact is that, as in social networks, there are people for everything and nothing is overlooked, people have already left who have verified to the finger if, as Álvaro comments, that brand is really real or not. One of those who best explained Reguilón's ‘fake’ was athlete Andreu Blanes, who makes an exhaustive analysis and concludes that Sergio is going at 3.40 ″ / km and not at 3 ′ as it says / seems. The elite Luis Alberto Marco and Javi Guerra also join.

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