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Copa América: Brazil win in the final against Peru - Sport

  • Brazil win the Copa America for the ninth time against Peru.
  • In the 3-1 (1-1) victory in Rio de Janeiro, the hosts shine not by tricks, but by effectiveness.
  • Gabriel Jesus brings Brazil on the road to victory and is later dismissed.

By Javier Cáceres, Rio de Janeiro

On the eve of the fifth anniversary of the catastrophic 7-1 defeat by Germany at the 2014 World Cup Brazil have scored their first Copa America title since 2007. The five-time world champion won the Estádio Maracanã of Rio de Janeiro against Peru 3-1. Hero of the match was forward Everton of Gremio Porto Alegre, who scored the first goal in the 15th minute and pulled out the penalty, which Premier League legionnaire Richarlison (90th) converted to the final.

In the meantime, in injury time of the first half, Gabriel met Jesus 2-1; for a brief glimmer of hope that did not come true, former national league professional Paolo Guerrero scored with a penalty (44 '). Brazil's overall ninth South American title did not even change the fact that Brazil had to go short of much of the second half, losing to Gabriel Jesús. We are champions, chanted the stadium in the final minutes: "É campeão!" - "To win a title with the national team is the dream of every child I saw Ronaldo, Mauro Silva, Roberto Carlos, Cafú ... They were winners, they won a lot of titles with the national team, for me they were examples, I am very happy, "said Brazil midfielder Casemiro (Real Madrid) afterwards.

Copa América The guarantee on the line

The guarantee on the line

If Brazil win the Copa América, that is also due to Alisson Becker. One like him, the Seleçao had never between the posts.By Javier Cáceres

The triumph of the Brazilians was not surprising. History alone spoke against Peru They had never won against Brazil in Rio. Brazil, meanwhile, had never lost another competitive match in the Maracanã since losing their 1-0 home title to Uruguay in 1950, which lost the world title in their own country. As hosts, Brazil had still won the Copa América, four times before the final on Sunday. In addition Peru had been shot down in the preliminary round with 0: 5 against Brazil. And in the room were on Sunday still the serious accusations of Argentina superstar Lionel Messi against the South American Confederation Conmebol: After defeating defending champion Chile in the match for third place Messi had condemned the Conmebol corruption - and claimed that everything had been prepared to help Brazil win the ninth overall title. It happened then - but without much help from the referee. On the contrary.

Under the eyes of injured Brazilian icon Neymar Júnior and far-right President Jair Bolsonaro, Peru was able to withstand just over fifteen minutes. Their Argentine coach Ricardo Gareca had given the Peruvians to defend as far away from their own goal as possible, failing to detect any complexities, to attack. Twice they tried it from a distance, but then beat Brazil with the bloodcurdling effectiveness that had worn through the tournament. Gabriel Jesus dances on the right side of a Peruvian defender flipped a cross over the assembled remnants behind the Peruvians because he had spotted there Everton. His shot sat - and overwhelmed the minds of the Peruvians in much the same way as the winter rains of the previous days the sewers of Rio de Janeiro.

Peru's firepower is not enough

Enthusiasm did not spark the Brazilians. The again disappointing Coutinho almost scored the 2: 0 (24.). He narrowly missed the target just like Firmino twelve minutes later. The first mentionable attack by the Peruvians after the deficit seemed to be able to rearrange the game. Because: Shortly before the break, Chilean referee Roberto Tobar decided to free-kick after Brazil defender Thiago Silva had stopped a pass from Christian Cueva in the penalty area with his hand. Even after reviewing the video images, Tobar stuck to his decision - to the chagrin of Brazil coach Tite. The referee was under extreme pressure, "he said, referring to Messi's remarks.

Paolo Guerrero converted the penalty safely. But in the end, he had only the satisfaction of scoring 14 goals in his career at the Copa América - and ending an epic run by Brazil goalkeeper Allison Becker, who scored 727 minutes without a clean sheet. Because before the Peruvians could get used to the idea that they had received an invitation to dream, Brazil struck again: A mistake of the Peruvians in the construction game used midfielder Arthur to leverage the central defense. With an excellent pass he left Gabriel Jesus free, the striker Manchester City left goalkeeper Pedro Gallese no chance (45. + 3).

After the break, Coutinho and Firmino could have taken the lead. The more time went into the country, the more defensive Brazil acted. Real danger did not summon the Peruvians. Until the dynamics of the game could suddenly have changed. In the 69th minute, the referee Gabriel Jesus by yellow-red card from the square. Brazil suddenly outnumbered - and Gabriel Jesus was beside himself. On the way to the cabin, he almost kicked the referee's monitor.

Equally powerful was a left-footed shot from Edison Flores of more than 20 yards, who narrowly missed the goal. But that was all that Peru still had on firepower. But Éverton swung to a solo and was zambrano in the penalty area without a need - Everton could not reach the ball. Tobar decided again on penalty, again he saw himself confirmed by the TV pictures; Richarlison did not miss the chance. And made the first title for the acting since 2016 national coach Tite perfect. "He fills me with great satisfaction," Tite said. "Brazil deserved to win," said Peru coach Ricardo Gareca. "We had our moments, but they made good use of their chances." After all, Peru had the comfort of being a worthy and proud finalist in the first Copa América final for 44 years.

Copa América Wild as once Maradona

Wild as once Maradona

Argentina's Lionel Messi sees the third red card of his career in the match for third place against Chile. Then he gets out to the roundabout.By Javier Cáceres

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