News : Coronavirus 'Patient 0' in Europe runs again

News :

Coronavirus 'Patient 0' in Europe runs again

Mattia Maestri, patient 0 of coronavirus in Europe, runs again

It is undoubtedly a very bizarre story. It has been months since the coronavirus crisis broke out in the world. Although it is not yet proven that there were no cases before, the truth is that Italian Mattia Maestri is considered the 0 Patient 0 ’in Italy and Europe. The transalpine country was the first in the old continent where the pandemic spread and this corridor from the town of Codogno, 45 kilometers from Milan, has told its story and how it has struggled to overcome the disease over two months in hospital ( 20 days in a coma).

Birth of a daughter, death of a father

“During my coma, I dreamed of the antechamber of death. I thought I was dead. My daughter saved me. Now ahead I see the sun. The pandemic has transformed me into a symbol of Europe, "says Maestri for the magazine‘ Sportweek ’, the et Gazzetta dello Sport’ and ‘La Reppublica’, among others.

Mattia is a running maniac, as well as a degree in Food Sciences and researcher at the multinational Unilever. In fact, in the report you see the first infected in Europe again practicing his great passion, while he tells that ordeal that has been for all these weeks totally KO. “I was fine, physically fit, as always. I had a fever and went to the emergency department. Doctors diagnosed me with mild pneumonia, to cure it at home with antibiotics ”. But it did not respond to the cure.

Total ignorance

"The doctors did not understand what I had. My wife was asked about everything. She had a dinner with a friend of mine who had returned from China for weeks and was always fine. That dinner was a miracle, because, although my friend had not contracted the virus, it awakened the anesthetist's intuition. As of February 20, Covid-19 had not officially infected anyone in Europe. So I, who am young and an athlete, was about to die. The fact that the virus was discovered in me has allowed not only to save me. From that moment on, thousands of people were able to diagnose the virus and understand why so many people were dying, ”says Maestri.

“I lost consciousness in Codogno (in the hospital) thinking that I had simple pneumonia and woke up after 20 days in the Pavia hospital. It was anonymous. The pandemic has made me a symbol in Europe. My experience is incredible ”, adds a Mattia who has recently been a father and was able to see his wife give birth. “When you are to die, you cannot rationally resist. But I think Giulia's imminent arrival has multiplied my physical energies. I couldn't leave while she was arriving. ” He saw a life being born and has seen his father's go away. “It was March 19 and I called him on the mobile phone from the hospital. It was Father's Day and I wanted to congratulate him. My mother answered and cried. So I found out that he had died. ”

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