News : Coronavirus quarantine does not stop these two cyclists

News :

Coronavirus quarantine does not stop these two cyclists

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The coronavirus continues to mark global news and the sports sector does not seem to be the exception.

Less than a week ago we met the immediate suspension of the Tour of the Arab Emirates for an outbreak of coronavirus that apparently would have already affected two members of the technical staff of the UAE team.

The health authorities quickly warned of the danger of spreading and in this situation the organizers were forced to suspend the competition to two stages of the final.

That was when a security issue was decided quarantine teams.

After several medical tests that ruled out the existence of the virus, some runners were able to leave the hotel to quickly fly home.

Nevertheless, there is cyclists and auxiliaries who are still in quarantine and under observation awaiting a positive medical report that allows them to leave the hotel.

Nathan Haas and Attilio Viviani, both of the Cofidis team, took advantage of the long and impatient wait to get a homemade workout routine out of the hat to minimize the loss of physical condition.

In the attached video, provided by Peloton Brief through your YouTube account, you can see the two cyclists do improvised exercises with mask. A true example of adaptation to the circumstances of the moment

The Tour of the Arab Emirates is not the only sports competition that has been affected by the virus. The Grand Prix of Moto GP in Qatar, the indoor athletics world championship, the Shanghai Formula 1 Grand Prix or different Serie A matches have already been forced to cancel their celebration.

It should be remembered that the IOC continues to seriously assess the possibility of canceling the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

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