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Court allows indictment against Niersbach and Zwanziger - Sport

The former DFB presidents Wolfgang Niersbach and Theo Zwanziger have to answer because of the summer fairy tale affair now in Germany before a court. The Higher Regional Court of Frankfurt am Main allowed the indictment on suspicion of tax evasion. There is a sufficient suspicion of a total of four defendants, the OLG announced on Monday.

Former DFB General Secretary Horst R. Schmidt and former FIFA General Secretary Urs Linsi are among the defendants. The Higher Regional Court thus revised a decision of the Landgericht Frankfurt, which had rejected the opening of a main proceedings in October 2018. "Neither the fact nor the content of the decision changes anything in the legal view that it holds that the allegations against my client are unfounded," a statement by the lawyer of Zwanziger said.

Sport policy Swiss Federal Prosecutor's Office raises charges against World Cup organizers

Swiss federal prosecutor raises charges against World Cup organizers

It is about the charge of fraudulent misrepresentation in connection with a payment of 6.7 million euros. The proceedings against Franz Beckenbauer were separated from it.

The Higher Regional Court assessed the situation differently: "According to a preliminary assessment, there is sufficient suspicion that the four defendants in connection with the repayment of a loan to the footballer FB, amounting to 6.7 million, referred to as the operating expense award FIFA'Gala 2006 ' Euro have committed tax evasion or tax evasion assistance in 2006, "it said in a press release.

According to the OLG, the defendants face imprisonment of up to five years or fines. This could be condemned "in case of incorrect or incomplete information on taxable facts"; to leave the authorities "unaware of significant tax matters" or "failing to comply with the use of tax stamps or tax stamps thereby reducing taxes or obtaining unjustified tax advantages for themselves or another", as stated in the OLG's communication.

At the beginning of the month, Zwanziger, Schmidt and Linsi were charged by the Swiss Federal Prosecutor's Office with continuing dubious millionaire payments for the 2006 World Cup on suspicion of complicity and Niersbach on suspicion of fraudulent misconduct.

The in the communication of the OLG as "footballer F.B." abbreviated Franz Beckenbauer is not one of the accused in Frankfurt. In Switzerland, his procedure was separated from the other accused because of the health of the "Emperor".

Football World Cup DFB officials have to go to court after World Cup summer fairy tale 2006Video

Swiss federal prosecutor

DFB officials have to go to court after World Cup summer fairy tale 2006

The Swiss Federal Prosecutor's Office has brought charges against the former DFB representatives and two other officials in connection with a million payment for the 2006 World Cup in Germany.

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