News : Coyotes, scourge of runners in a Vancouver park

News : Coyotes, scourge of runners in a Vancouver park

Coyotes are terrorizing runners in Vancouver

Extreme situation that is being lived in Vancouver (Canada). In a country and a city with a high ‘runnera’ tradition, there is a factor that is altering the tranquility of the corridors and that has raised the concern of the authorities. Something that in our land we are not too used to, but that in those parts is a factor to take into account. We are talking about coyotes. Yes.

Since December, he assures ‘Canadian Running’, up to 15 attacks have been recorded in Stanley Park in the Canadian city of this mammal so similar to the dog and the wolf and found in North America, Central America and recently South America. An animal that lives for about six years and that usually moves alone, not in a herd.

A runner was bitten at 5 in the afternoon and will need five months of recovery

The fact is that most of those 15 attacks have been against runners who trained alone in the park. Among them was Azi Ramezani, who was bitten by a coyote while running down the sidewalk next to the Hollow Tree in Stanley Park last January 21. Since the attacks began, the authorities have closed several of the park’s trails, which has remained, yes, open. Ramezani was attacked on a sunny day around five in the afternoon and will now need five months to recover.

“The way that coyotes have been attacking people resembles the way that animals would normally attack their prey,” authorities say. No one knows exactly how many coyotes are in the parkBut estimates range from six to 12. Two have already been euthanized for aggressive behavior, but Sergeant Gravel says he’s not sure what makes them act this way.

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