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Cream for pad - The ultimate solution to seat irritations and chafing

cream for cycling bib shorts

If you suffer from sores or irritations in the ass When riding a bicycle you are probably fed up with this problem. A problem that for many is difficult to solve especially in summer when the rise in temperatures and the increase in body sweating become the main enemies of the cyclist who suffers from this type of discomfort.

What is pad cream? Why should I use it?

The pad cream is a substance designed specifically to care for and protect the skin of cyclists. This interesting and effective product is usually made up of natural ingredients and vitamins that hydrate the skin acting as a protective barrier in the most sensitive areas and exposed to possible chafing.

There are several types and formats of padding cream adaptable to the different preferences of the cyclist. Some brands sell creams for culotte or anti-chafing in liquid format, others in the form of powders although the most common is to find them in a viscous texture and in antibacterial format.

The pillow cream is perfect to prevent any type of irritation or discomfort due to rubbing with the saddle. With the passing of the hours, the pressure of the saddle, the sweat and the direct contact with the lycra of the shorts is normal for many cyclists to suffer discomfort in the ass, thighs or crotch.

It treats of a product of prevention in front of sores that tries to minimize the friction and that pretends to keep under control the accumulation of bacteria. An ideal and economical alternative that has solved the life of many cyclists and that can obviously be used both in MTB and on the road.

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Some cyclists apply the cream directly on the skin while others prefer to spread it over the bib bottom

How to apply the cream for padding?

To place the cream for padding it is essential to locate the so-called pressure points. These pressure points are the areas in which previously they have experienced discomfort and are usually points where you have contact with the saddle.

Most brands recommend avoiding direct contact with the intimate parts since contact with the product can cause itching, burning sensation or some type of allergic reaction.

The cream for padding can be applied with care directly on the skin although some cyclists prefer to spread the content between the skin and the pad of the bib. In this way they ensure that the culotte is also impregnated with this viscous material and that the skin and the ass slide on the clothes. I recommend that you read the indications of each brand. Each manufacturer can submit different application recommendations.

The amount to apply should be appropriate, if you spend it is likely that you stayed wet and your butt end up uncomfortable in each stroke.

For the correct operation of the padding cream it is very important that you wear dry and clean clothes. Some cyclists wash clothes every two exits, which can generate problems of infection and bacterial accumulation. The application of the lubricant cream for pad should always be done on a dry and clean surface.

Buy lubricant cream for sheepskin

If you are tired of irritations, discomfort and itching, you will not have another than buying a lubricant cream for sheepskin. In the market you will find plenty of offer but some of the best lubricating creams for cycling are the following. Both products have a quality and effectiveness more than contrasted.

Muc-Off Chamois - Cream for pad, 250ml
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ASSOS - Cream Chamois, Color 0

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