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Cristiano Ronaldo: No charges of rape allegations

The allegations against Ronaldo could not be clarified beyond doubt, explain the investigators in a message. In their justification they also cited the behavior of the woman who accused Ronaldo. "Based on a review of the information provided (...), the allegations against Cristiano Ronaldo regarding a sexual assault can not be proven beyond reasonable doubt," the statement said. Therefore, the case will not be prosecuted.

The 34-year-old was accused of raping a US woman on June 13, 2009 in a hotel room in Las Vegas. After the alleged act, she had indeed alarmed the police, but did not reveal the identity of Ronaldo. This would have had a negative impact on the investigation work.

Ronaldo reaffirmed his "clear conscience"

Ronaldo had always denied the allegations. According to the athlete, what happened in the US desert town between the two had been agreed by his lawyer Peter Christiansen. The Portuguese commentator rarely commented on the case in recent months, and last year reaffirmed his "clear conscience".

According to the US-American, the then 24-year-old footballer met her in a nightclub. He then invited her into his hotel suite and raped her there, according to the complaint. He then apologized and stated that he was "usually a gentleman".

In 2018, investigators rolled up the case again

In 2010, the woman reached an out of court settlement with Ronaldo, after which the case rested for years. It was not until 2018 that the woman called the police and asked to reopen the case. According to her lawyer, she was encouraged by the revelations of the "MeToo Movement" to "seek justice" again. The investigators then followed up their allegations.

After the allegations became known, the shares of Juventus Turin collapsed. Ronaldo had joined Real Madrid a year ago for about 100 million euros. Last season he led the team to the eighth championship title in series.

The prosecution issued the following communication:

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