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Crossfit vs gym - comparison and opinion

crossfit vs comparative gym which is better

How will I get stronger? Which body is more athletic? Which sport burns more calories? These and many other questions are those that go through the minds of those who are hesitating to sign up for Crossfit or to the gym.

The boom of "Crossfit" It is a reality and more and more people are looking for a sports alternative to the classic gym sessions. The world of fitness does not cease to renew itself to the rhythm of vertigo and to the changes in diet and nutrition we must also add new trends and training routines.

Before entering into the subject it is important that you have clear your personal goals. The theory can be very beautiful but do not forget that crossfit and gym are different disciplines so the results will be too.

Advantages and disadvantages of Crossfit

If you have had luck or misfortune, depending on how you look at it, to participate in a directed Crossfit class, I am convinced that the next day you will have cursed the friendly friend who encouraged you to try this move.

With Crossfit you work many areas of the body and unlike what happens with the conventional gym bodybuilding you can perform comprehensive workouts. This implies that you not only work aspects such as strength wave power but you will also improve the resistance or cardiorespiratory capacity.

Crossfit is one of the more complete sports that exist and a good WOD (Workout Of the Day) can integrate in a very short interval of time a huge variety of exercises.

Some once criticized this discipline arguing that it was a simple passing fad. The truth is that today Crossfit and the centers linked to this modality do not stop growing. A perfect sport in which in addition to making your muscles bigger and stronger you can tone and even lose weight.

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Crossfit or gym… often dilemma!

On the other hand and also in favor of Crossfit we find the social aspect. Crossfit is practiced in a BOX and the sessions are taught by a coach who will have prepared a specific session that you will be doing, almost certainly, with other colleagues.

Group workouts are perfect for meeting new people with similar tastes and hobbies and unlike the gym where many centers are limited to programming boring routines Here you will have the added motivation of being better than your classmates.

Crossfit workouts are more dynamic than gym workouts and this means that time passes much faster. In addition the programming is different every day and you never know what you are going to play until you reach the room. Very different from the gym where you have your printed board and people walk with headphones.

In contrast and as inconveniences of Crossfit we find the difficulty and technicality of the exercises next to price.

If you do not want to injure yourself it is very important to do the exercises correctly and although at first it may seem silly in the long term a bad posture can lead to health problems. In the tasks and obligations of the technician is also to constantly correct the position of the athlete. If you are a newbie you should let yourself be advised.

Advantages and disadvantages of the gym

Going to the gym goes far beyond lifting dumbbells and running 25 minutes on the treadmill. The exercises of bodybuilding and strength They are indispensable in any sport and compensatory work is crucial to minimize the risk of injury.

In the gym it is easier to work specific musculature since the machines help you in the technical aspect. Although a certain technique is required, unless you perform exercises with dead weight it will be easier for you to adopt a good posture.

The gym also allows you to focus your work a little more. The routines vary and the day you have your back your legs will barely have activity.

Precisely leg work is another important issue that for me is in favor of gyms. The lower muscle groups They are the big forgotten and a good gym routine has to be complete and varied.

The price of gyms is also much lower than that of Crossfit BOX.

Against the Gym say that the social environment is usually much rarer and find the motivation Training can sometimes be very complicated. Also in the gyms the machines are what they are and if your schedules are similar to those of most people it will be your turn between series with another person.

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So ... What is better Crossfit or Gym?

If you are constant and have the capacity to sacrifice, you will become strong regardless of the mode you choose.

Both the gym and Crossfit have benefits for health and discipline and perseverance is what will end up marking the result.

If you are looking versatility, fun and group workouts my recommendation is to try your luck with Crossfit. Without realizing it, you will work a lot of muscle groups and if you give your best I can assure you that you will end up absolutely melted. The only thing you need to assess is on the one hand the price of the monthly payment and on the other your ability to adapt to the schedules of the directed classes. The centers schedule the sessions in advance but they do not always fit your interests. The good thing is that if you sign up you will be forcing yourself to go.

On the other hand, I recommend the gym to those who seek to work a specific physical quality or have a medium-term objective. The gym is also perfect for compensatory work and complement other sports like soccer, paddle tennis, cycling or running.

What I would like to recommend is that everyone try a session of each modality. Each person is a world and what one may like does not have to match the preferences of another.

Beyond all this do not forget that what you are really pursuing above all is a health issue. Both disciplines are healthy if they are practiced under programmed routines and with the appropriate technique in each exercise.

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