News : Dalilah Muhammad breaks the World Record of 400 fences after 16 years

News :

Dalilah Muhammad breaks the World Record of 400 fences after 16 years

Muhammad, proud posing with her brand / AFP
Muhammad, proud posing with her brand / AFP

The runner Dalilah Muhammad emerged as the great figure of the National Athletics Championships of the United States to break tonight, on the last day of competition, the 400 meters hurdles world record with a time of 52.20 seconds.

After having demonstrated in training and in the first series that I was ready to get the great mark, it was the last chance I had, the grand finale, where he gave everything and achieved the great dream.

"I am surprised," Muhammad said at the conclusion of the test. "I broke the world record."

Broke a current brand since 2003

Despite the puddles of water that had formed on the track because of the rain that fell, the current Olympic champion made her way to eclipse the 52.34 mark established by Russia Yuliya Pechonkina on August 8, 2003.

Muhammad, who went down the fourth street, did not let the rain be an impediment to give maximum effort and the 29-year-old athlete gave everything from start to finish until he saw with surprise that he had achieved the great dream of the new world brand.

The new record holder smiled, briefly placed her hands on her hips and then collapsed when her time appeared on the screen of the Drake Stadium, where the championships were played.

Third-place finalist Ashley Spencer jumped to congratulate her, as well as teenager Sydney McLaughlin, who hugged Muhammad after finishing second.

He suffered a fall two weeks ago

More merit was Muhammad's mark after two weeks ago, in a training session, he fell and suffered a mild concussion, which forced her to miss three days of training.

But Muhammad did not lose any of his speed. On the other hand, the level of competition made the best of it. It was established within the world elite and also at the national level.

Muhammad said he believes the record will not last long. I could even fall again at the World Championships this fall in Doha, Qatar.

The defending world champion Kori Carter did not even compete in the nationals in the event since she had the automatic pass to the World Cups. "That 52 is going to break," Muhammad said. "If not for me for the other athletes who will compete in the tests."

McLaughlin herself finished in 52.88, while Spencer made a time of 53.11 seconds. "It was a really fast race and I could feel the fast pace," McLaughlin said. “I am happy to be part of a world record race. Is incredible".

Muhammad's performance stole all the prominence of the last day and also of all the championships. Later in the night session, Dezerea Bryant won 200 meters in 22.47 seconds.

"I woke up this morning and said:‘ They won't beat me, "Bryant said. "That was my attitude and the one that allowed me to achieve victory."

Lyles follows his own

Noah Lyles, 22, closed the competition in style by doing a witty little dance after winning the men's 200 meters test with a time of 19.78 seconds.

He stayed away from Christian Coleman and, after crossing the finish line, shook his opponent's hand before interrupting some dance moves.

"Joy? Tons of joy. This is the most difficult team to form, ”said Lyles. "The saying is that, once you are part of the United States team, you better come out with a medal."

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