News : Dalilah Muhammad runs world record over 400 meters hurdles

News :

Dalilah Muhammad runs world record over 400 meters hurdles

Rain and a slippery track are not the best conditions for a hurdles race to set a world record over a sprint distance. The conditions are even a risk if you have just two weeks ago a concussion suffered by a fall in training.

Runner Dalilah Muhammad had to cope with these conditions at the US Championships exactly on their parade route over 400 meters hurdles. The 29-year-old American still took full risks and did so successfully.

The Olympic gold medalist set a world record over 400 meters in 52.20 seconds. The athlete improved in Des Moines the old record of the Russian Julia Pechonkina in 2003 by 14 hundredths of a second. Muhammad won ahead of her rivals Sydney McLaughlin, who finished 52.88 seconds, and Ashley Spencer. She ran 53.11 seconds.

"I'm completely finished," Muhammad said after her triumph: "I felt like an outsider in this race." She said that because the previous season was "rather modest for me", that was the latest injury, and actually 19-year-old McLaughlin was the favorite for the win. But then the super talent - who was already 17 at the US squad at the Summer Games in Rio - was suspended for over half a second.

Muhammad believes that their historic best will soon be history again. "In Qatar, the record could fall again," she said about the upcoming World Athletics Championships, which will take place from 28 September to 6 October in Doha. Muhammad will also take part in the World Cup, and after her world record, she will no longer feel like an outsider in a duel against international competition.

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