News : Dani Mateo's message of rage reflects the feeling of our athletics

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Dani Mateo's message of rage reflects the feeling of our athletics

Dani Mateo, in his Doha / RFEA race

It was his most exciting season. In full maturity (30 years), in an optimal state of preparation, with the perfect point of confidence after achieving the Olympic ticket by his own means in Doha. Precisely at the World Championships last September he hit the table. Already as a respected and proven marathoner not only nationally, but internationally.

The stick for Dani Mateo when he ran out of the Tokyo Games has been very hard. Just as it is in so many sectors, yes. But it is that the message that Dani has left in the interview that the companions of ‘SoyCorridor’ have made him is perfectly extrapolated to many areas of life. The anger, the feeling that something has escaped you and that you could not do anything to make it happen. A missed opportunity. A dream not broken, but shattered that will have to be recomposed.

Helplessness and the feeling of a lost train

"Now if I do, what a fucking bitch ~~~. There is something very important on the table, in complete agreement, but we all have our hopes and dreams.

After the cancellation of the Games, he did not feel that this had been a coup, and he hoped that the situation would improve, so that the European Championship in Paris could be run.

Although now with this damn virus there are more important things, for many years I dreamed of being in the moment and situation I was in this year. With all this, I have even lost the possibility of improving, increasing and continuing to enjoy everything that is happening to me, which makes me very happy.

I know that this is not the time for complaints and reproaches, in fact I hate when I read such things on the Internet, but I think that the personal situation of each one is also understandable, and I have swallowed a lot of shit, now was my time, and I wanted to take advantage of it.

Now everything is going to pass in front of me without even having the chance to try. We will continue in the fight against Covid, and I hope that those delayed dreams end up coming ”

It is so direct, so forceful, so natural. The postponement of the Olympics has been a very hard stick for many athletes who wanted to say goodbye in style. Most will wait and try to hold on for another year, but for others it will be too late. This will not be the case for Dani, but he is aware that he came to this date with incredible levels of morale and confidence. He had mortgaged his preparation for thisIt had a beautiful margin to land in Sapporo at a magnificent peak. He has no choice but to reorder everything and look towards 2021, but that rage and that helplessness are a clear reflection of all this ...

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