News : Dani Rovira trains after overcoming cancer

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Dani Rovira trains after overcoming cancer

Dani Rovira, running through Marathon Beach (Greece)

Although it is not the first time he has run in recent weeks, since already in the final stretch of his illness and after noticing a great improvement, the doctors allowed him to do some physical exercise, Dani Rovira has carried out his first great training session on Monday, September 7, after overcoming cancer. The actor and comedian was diagnosed with Hodgkin's Lymphoma in March and after six months fighting the disease he has managed to defeat it. He communicated it to the world a few weeks ago and also recounted how it had been the hardest journey of his life.

A happy return

“I am stronger than the knee of a dromedary, even a little better and stronger than before the ordeal began. Setbacks in life like this one reposition you and rebuild your soul ”, he confesses. “Your priorities change. Now I have the perception that I have my whole life ahead of me. It's lucky to live here and now"He commented in an interview recently. "I suppose my attitude has been good because the doctors told me that the type of cancer I have had was the one with the best prognosis, with an 80% chance of cure." "If I had had an engineering, another more lethal cancer I don't know how I would have reacted, ”Rovira acknowledges in this interview with Onda Cero.

The tractor is back

The actor has uploaded a photo this Monday on his social networks with a direct message and that all of us who like 'running' have made us smile. "The tractor is back." We all know a fellow runner who is called or called a "tractor" in reference to his speed, but also to his endurance capacity.

As we said, about a month ago, when he was still not 100% cured, he already posted a running activity with a significant message: “Last Saturday I went running for the first time after almost 5 months. I suffered and enjoyed in equal parts. Do you see how long it took me to do 7 kilometers? It was somewhere between the heroic and the pathetic. Starting, not from zero, but from -2 can be frustrating or, on the contrary, a challenge and motivation, ”wrote Rovira.

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