News : Daniel Rodríguez, an almost unique double in 21 hours and a ‘warning’ in Gallur

News : Daniel Rodríguez, an almost unique double in 21 hours and a ‘warning’ in Gallur

Daniel Rodríguez is very fine and he showed it in Madrid / LBDC

What a long weekend we have lived in Gallur within the framework of the Spanish Indoor Athletics Championship. Three days of brutal intensity and passion. Three days in which we have all missed the warmth of the public, the atmosphere and the sound melody of the stands cheering and pushing the athletes in the final meters and recognizing the effort.

Spectacular attitude of all athletes, and coaches. What a joy. From the Spanish Record of María Vicente (and the famous null that they sang to her on Sunday in length and that could be worth the gold) to the Record of the Championships of a wonderful Esther Guerrero through the triumph of Mechaal in the 3,000 in front of Katir (Be careful what they promise for the European of Torun), for the return of Husillos and Peleteiro.


But we are going to stop at another feat. Perhaps in LA PROEZA. The almost unpublished double of Daniel Rodríguez. The athlete from Playas de Castellón managed to proclaim himself champion of Spain of 60 and 200. Only one had achieved it before: Jordi Mayoral in 1995. Rodríguez also made a personal mark in both distances. Saturday was the turn of 60. He stopped the clock at 6.67. He beat Arian Olmos, silver, by six hundredths, and Mario López, bronze, by seven. In addition, he nailed the minimum for the European of Torun.

21 hours later he was at the starting line of the 200 in Gallur. He was the big favorite and not only did he meet the forecasts, but he beat his best time and stopped the clock at 20.83. Third best Spanish brand ever and fourth national title at 23 years old. Behind, far, Oriol Madí (21.23) and José María Marvizon (21.58).

Motivated for the great outdoors

Dani, together with Ignacio Fontes, forms a new generation of Granada athletes who are already leading their modalities and promise strong emotions. “I still have a hard time believing what I have done, because I also couldn’t rest well due to all the adrenaline on Saturday. There are two gold medals, with two personal marks and a European minimum in 60 that leave me very happy, “said the sprinter after the test, who warned:” I think I am to make a very good mark in the 200 to a single race. It paints a very good outdoors ”.

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