News : Danish team shows true greatness after Eriksen collapse – 2 become heroes

News : Danish team shows true greatness after Eriksen collapse – 2 become heroes

Remarkable reaction: Danish team shows true greatness after Eriksen collapse – two become heroes

The collapse of Christian Eriksen, Denmark’s national player, in the 43rd minute of the European Championship match against Finland puts the world in a state of shock. His Danish teammates react quickly, calmly and, above all, humanly. Especially Simon Kjaer and Kasper Schmeichel become heroes.

43rd minute in Copenhagen, suddenly Christian Eriksen goes to the ground without any outside influence and remains motionless. The game between Denmark and Finland, the prelude for both teams in the 2021 European Football Championship, is suddenly no longer the focus of the action.

Instead of falling into shock, the protagonists on the lawn react without hesitation. Simon Kjaer, Denmark’s captain, immediately realizes that his teammate needs help. The defender rushes to Eriksen and does what anyone with knowledge of first aid should do: he helped.

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Denmark’s captain Kjaer recognizes Eriksen’s plight and immediately provides first aid

Kjaer stabilizes Eriksen, prevents the midfielder from swallowing his tongue and ensures that he can still breathe. Even before the medics arrive on the field, he signals to them that cardiopulmonary resuscitation is necessary.

When the rest of the team seem to realize what is happening, they stand around the scene and prevent the whole world from watching as the doctors fight for Christian Eriksen’s life.

A chest compressions can only be seen briefly, then a wall of legs shields the playmaker. A Finnish flag that was hastily brought in also provides privacy and gives the medical professionals a little more focus.

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Kjaer and Schmeichel comfort Eriksen’s wife when she desperately storms the field

Even when a woman suddenly storms onto the field, some players immediately know what to do. Goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel and Kjaer recognize Sabrina, Christian Eriksen’s wife, and rush to her. Kjaer takes her face in both arms, comforts her and speaks well to her. Schmeichel also gives consolation to the desperate woman, whose husband is struggling for his life at this moment.

It is getting quieter in the stadium, for what feels like forever nobody knows how things are going with Eriksen. While the Finns leave the pitch, the Danes stand by their teammate, their friend on the field – although there is nothing they can do.

Eriksen is taken off the pitch – his teammates are always by his side

Then the grape moves around Eriksen. The paramedics put the player on a stretcher and drive him off the field. The public still doesn’t know anything about the 29-year-old’s condition – also because the Danish players precede the doctors and offer two flags next to the patient.

About half an hour later, it should be decided whether the game will continue. At that point the teams only knew that Eriksen was awake, stable, and in the hospital. Before a decision is made, Kjaer wants to know for sure that Eriksen is fine.

A switch via Facetime is set up and the Danish players speak directly to Eriksen. The playmaker confirms that he is fine and asks his teammates to continue playing. The team complies with the request and decides to continue playing – the Finns continue despite the difficult situation.

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Keeper Schmeichel hugs every Dane before the game is about to continue

Kasper Schmeichel is the first to return to the field. Before he continues, he hugs every single player and numerous supervisors. Even in a quickly formed circle before the restart, the goalkeeper plays the decisive role.

Before coach Kasper Hjulmand starts to speak, he waves the entire bench including officials onto the pitch and opens the circle so that they can join. Only then does the Danish national coach begin his short speech.

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Kjaer is replaced because he mentally can’t stand to continue playing

Simon Kjaer’s substitution in the 63rd minute shows how much the Danes are affected by the collapse. When the score is 0: 1 from the Danish point of view, captain Kjaer will be replaced, a central defender for whom a central defender will come into the game again. Later, ZDF reporter Bela Rethy named the reason for the change: Kjaer mentally could no longer stand standing on the pitch.

In the end, the Danes lose their opening game with 0: 1 against EM newcomer Finland. But on this day it is only important that Christian Eriksen is doing well. Responsible for this are his teammates, who react wonderfully in this incredibly difficult situation and show that they are primarily neither professionals nor athletes.

They are friends and, above all, people with a very big heart. Although Denmark is sportily defeated, the national team, above all Kjaer and Schmeichel, shows real greatness on this evening.

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