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Dear Natalia Rodríguez - The Broker's Exchange

Five years after the last time, I saw the great Natalia Rodríguez again through a television screen. I realized then that time had passed very quickly, that changes happen before one can imagine them.

Sometimes, it's all the fault of a television screen that reminds you that happiness is never too much. That fills you with nostalgia or that explains that that time has passed and that everything that happened is unrecoverable except in the case that we lived again twice and she was again Natalia Rodríguez Martínez (Tarragona, 1979).

And then it would go back down from 4’00 ”in 1,500. And he would fight again with the best athletes in the world. And he would go back to our homes. And to get excited how she knew how to move us, whose curriculum today is a registered trademark. Moreover, it takes us to promises fulfilled, at 49 kilos he weighed then, to the woman who almost always appeared well placed on the last straight or to what we would give in these times for an athlete like her.

She was never extraordinarily media, but she couldn't be more competitive than she was: Natalia Rodriguez.

The same woman who is 40 years old today and whom I saw again a few weeks ago one day on a television broadcast as a commentator at the Doha World Cup. I had to see her twice because she didn't look like me. Used to see her in the bones, like the athletes, I saw her much thicker, away from what I had not had time to imagine. But, yes, impeccable with that black and shiny suit with the word, Natalia Rodriguez, because she was like that. It was always like this.

Gregorio Parra explained it to me the next day with which he joins me more than the nostalgia of a voice. Time created an affinity that relieves itself in enriching times by phone until that day in which Gregorio will return to live in Madrid, in the absence of the Navacerrada mountain. And then we have promised ourselves a ride in which we will continue talking about athletics and athletes like Natalia that he left the transcendence whatand they leave the good movies or the good people.

Gregorio is the same man who narrated from TVE so many races of his and that in the retreat keeps an indelible literature. The same one who has been retired for years and this time, from his home in Barcelona, ​​did not lose attention to every word that Natalia Rodríguez explained on television. Moreover, he even took a picture of the screen where he could be seen expressing himself in the foreground.

And he sent it to Natalia on Whatssap to explain it, ‘how nice to see you, Natalia’ and, above all, ‘lor beautiful you are, Natalia, that you are not as sucked as before, Y how well you express yourself ’and, please,‘ take care, Natalia, and always take care ’.

And Gregorio was glad to see her so beautiful, as pretty or as smiling as in good times if the ones now are not better.

Natalia is now a mother and that every day sounds like a different satisfaction.

I was only surprised to see her with more weight as I imagine the country would never surprise me. The last time I had seen her, she was still living in the body of an athlete. That is why the television screen took so many memories from the portfolio this time: Rieti, Berlin, Beijing, Daegu ..., so many sites, so many successes, so much effort. In A second flew around the world.

But then I realized that there was a memory that was not on a running track, but in the silent opening of a sports shop on Marqués de Urquijo street in Madrid where she was: Natalia Rodríguez.

I realized again then that five years had passed since that time: at the end of 2014.

And there she was with that light body. With that look that seemed angelic and with cut hair that did not let me recognize at first sight Natalia Rodriguez, who surely signed an autograph and remembered from the crowd that, while the nonsense is placed in the front row to be seen, the intelligence does it in the last row to see.

And there was Natalia as a discreet princess, the best kept surprise of the night, which showed that athletes almost never give up at the last minute without looking for solutions. And Antonio Serrano explained it, that he was one of the owners of that store that was inaugurated and that, before inviting us, he had told us that he had a great surprise to tell.

We did not imagine that it would be Natalia Rodríguez.

Antonio had just become the coach of an athlete who pretended to be the one he had been. It was not easy, because he was 33 years old, but there are athletes who, if we could choose, we would never give up: our heart is not made to forget.

That Natalia had called Antonio to train him. And he took the coach over the phone while the man made the purchase in a supermarket. But it didn't take more than a second to answer ‘yes I want’.

The challenge did not come out. It lasted little and it was better this way: nothing was like the wonderful time of Natalia with Escalona as coach. Us He showed that sometimes wanting is not power. He reminded us that the athlete was also running out or that he had finished for elite athletics. A stroke of realism like so many in life.

Today I remember it because it seems to me that I never saw Natalia again running or waiting for a boarding flight, nothing.

The next time I saw her again was five years later, through a television screen. I was surprised as it happens around what you never imagine. Time had gone very fast. His physique had transformed, but, as Gregorio Parra made me see, ‘guapa, now that Natalia is beautiful without that face so sucked.

Gregorio was referring to the same woman who, at age 40, has already done everything he had to do.

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