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definition, benefits and exercises for beginners

calisthenics that is

The world of fitness continues to grow and continues to do so in the hands of the calisthenics. A growing sport modality in the last years that every time seems to have more followers in our country.

What is calisthenics?

Calisthenics is a training system with physical exercises that are performed with the own body weight. In its purest concept, calisthenics is practiced without additional burdens.

The athlete's own body is the one that exerts as resistance, thus working both the strength and the cardiovascular capacity.

It is one of the most fun, technical and complete sports that exist and its name is due to the Greek origin. The word comes from the terms Kallos (beauty) and Sthenos (strength).

Its objective is none other than to join these two words to work in the best possible way. beauty of the body in motion.

The search for this harmony makes calisthenics one of the most technical disciplines in the world of fitness. Accuracy and coordination in each movement are essential to increase the difficulty of the exercises and avoid the appearance of inconvenient injuries.

As we will see below the main calisthenics exercises focus on the natural movement of muscle groups and not so much on strength and power.

Calisthenics is perfect to work in addition to the physical strength, flexibility, agility and coordination. A sports discipline that allows you to unite body and mind in a very special way.

For years it has been practiced autonomously and in calisthenics parks, but more and more gyms are also adapting their facilities to this growing modality.

If you are still not sure what I am talking about or do you think that this calisthenics is a physical activity, I recommend you stop for a few seconds to watch this video of Frank Medrano. One of the parents of modern calisthenics and a true pioneer in terms of exercise innovation is concerned. Amazing!

Benefits of calisthenics

As I have commented previously, Calisthenics is a very complete sport and one of the ones that works best in coordinating the body and the different muscle groups.

Then I leave a list with the main benefits of calisthenics.

-You can practice anywhere: Calisthenics is magnificent because it can be done anywhere and at any time. Although the ideal is to practice it in a park or in a gym, you can ride perfectly in a calisthenics circuit in your own home. A small space can be more than enough to mount a basic exercise routine in a few minutes. Remember that it can be done without additional weight loads.

-Minimal investment: All you need to get started is comfortable clothes. From here it is a matter of letting the imagination flow and adapting to what the environment can offer you. Obviously if you end up liking calisthenics, it is best to sign up for a gym to work other types of exercises and be advised by a professional. At this point the investment can increase with a weighted vest, elastic bands or exercise bars.

-Global improvement: Unlike the exercises with gym machines, in which muscle groups are worked in isolation, calisthenics allows you to improve your physical condition in a global way. Most exercises require constant activation and tension of different muscles, so without realizing it you will be working at the same time different parts of the body. The constant physical improvement will allow progressively introduce greater difficulty and increase the workload. Some physical trainers combine calisthenics exercises with HIIT practices. A perfect combo to lose weight and tone to the rhythm of vertigo.

-Functional training: Calisthenics can be considered a functional sport so its practice will also be very helpful in real life. Everyday movements will be more comfortable and less aggressive. Thanks to the calisthenics you will improve the body position and the healthy technique of the different movements.

-Muscle definition: Without realizing it, you will be working whole body muscles. Calisthenics is ideal for working all muscle groups in a single day. Biceps, triceps, pecs, abs… the laces are more than insured.

-Fun and improvisation: Although there are a number of basic exercises for calisthenics (we will see them below) there is nothing written about the limits of calisthenics. Imagination can give a lot of play and at any moment a new exercise can come to mind. The list of exercises for calisthenics is unlimited.

-Strength, agility and coordination: Calisthenics allows you to work in the same sport strength, agility and coordination. High difficulty exercises require the simultaneous work of all these aspects. Few sports are more complete at the functional level and the technique is key to successfully completing the routine.

-Connect body and mind: Calisthenics works simultaneously body and mind. The brute force is of little use if you are not able to manage it and transmit it to the right part of the body. From a certain difficulty in the exercises the concentration is indispensable.

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You can practice calisthenics virtually anywhere. Photo: FB Frank Medrano

Calisthenics Exercises

I have previously commented that despite the appearance of routines there is nothing written about the limits on calisthenics exercises. The improvisation capacity gives a lot of play and any bar can be used to mount a homemade calisthenics circuit.

In any case and according to what the majority asks, I leave you with a detailed explanation of the different types of exercises. As you will see, everyone can practice calisthenics and the difficulty will increase as your physical condition improves.

- Basic calisthenics exercises:

The basic calisthenics exercises are those ideal for beginners. They refer to those exercises we practice to strengthen certain areas of the body and allow us to gain strength in more advanced movements.

Some of the most common basic calisthenics exercises are the push ups, pull ups, squats, Conventional abs or leg lifts. The so-called "basic" help you improve endurance, burn body fat and increase muscle mass. As the name implies, they are ideal for beginners and constitute the basis for progress in calisthenics.

-Static exercises:

Quite more advanced exercises that consist of maintaining a certain body position for a period of time.

The static exercises for calisthenics They are quite complex and require great muscular strength. Coordination and technique are also very important in preventing injuries. The full iron, the flag, the front lever, the back lever or the L sit These are some examples of static exercises for calisthenics. Forget completely about any of them if you don't have a good base and a very advanced level of technique.

-Dynamic exercises:

Finally we find dynamic exercises for calisthenics. Some movements that are incorporated into the calisthenics routine to improve agility and reflexes.

They can also be seen in other disciplines linked to freestyle. Turns, balances or jumps between bars are examples of dynamic exercises.

Is about highly technical and dangerous exercises. Strength, coordination and concentration are required. A small loss can cause a spectacular fall and subsequently an injury. They are very colorful and spectacular activities.

Now that you know what this is all about, do you dare with calisthenics?

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