News : Dennis Aogo: Breach throws the ex-professional out again after only three months

News : Dennis Aogo: Breach throws the ex-professional out again after only three months

Ex-professional Dennis Aogo did not give an official reason for his dismissal as managing director at Wacker Innsbruck in his statement. “Yesterday, Sunday at 6:39 pm we were invited by email from Vice President Dr. Thomas Kerle to the clubhouse ‘to check the documents’. The appointment did not materialize. Instead, we were informed of the recall on Monday morning,” said Aogo in an official letter .

Aogo’s business partner also fired

In addition to the former international, the club also parted ways with Aogo’s business partners Jens Duve and Dennis Duve. Aogo is said to have found out about the sudden separation on Monday. A communication from the club is still pending. According to Aogo and his partners, there should have been “financial inconsistencies” at the Austrian football club.

According to information from the “Kurier”, in March 2020 Wacker Innsbruck received help from a “financially strong partner” who did not make the announced payments on time. According to this, Aogo as well as Jens and Dennis Duve are said to have maintained a good relationship with that Hamburg investor. Now all contacts have probably been broken off and the management level in Innsbruck wants to deal with the events themselves.

“We are all the more surprised about our sudden recall”

Aogo demands “a minimum of professional standards and transparency. (…) We only asked for a transparent and independent investigation – in the interests of the association, with all those involved. We were and still are fully prepared for this. After all, it’s about Wacker. We are all the more surprised at our sudden recall “.

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