News : Des Linden will attack the 50-kilometer World Record in April

News : Des Linden will attack the 50-kilometer World Record in April

Des Linden, during his victory in the Boston Marathon

‘World Record Attempt’. Next April the North American long distance runner Des Linden to attack the 50-kilometer World Record. The marathoner and winner of a ‘major’ (Boston 2018) enters fully into the world of the ultramarathon and does so with this major challenge of which we do not yet know the location (precisely they will keep it anonymous until the end because of the pandemic and to avoid crowds). A world record, that of 50 kilometers, which is quite recent. Specifically from 2019, when the British Aly Dixon stopped the clock at 3:07:20.

Linden’s approach to these long distances above the marathon began in some way in 2020, when in an interview he assured that the Comrades Marathon (a 90km ultra) and the UTMB, the most well-known and prestigious mountain ultramarathon in the world, were on your list for the future.

Eight more kilometers

The telephone company ‘Jaybird’, which will accompany Linden during this challenge, was precisely the one who made the announcement of the North American’s World Record attempt. To beat the Dixon mark, Des must maintain a pace of 3: 44 / km. Considering that his best marathon time of 2:22:38 was at a pace of 3:22 / km, it doesn’t seem at all far-fetched that he can pull it off. But eight more kilometers, when you already have 42 on your legs, they will be a very tough challenge. Linden went viral a couple of months ago when he uploaded an activity to Strava at 5:00 / km and gave a lesson in the ‘posturing’ society.

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