News : Despair in view – sport

News : Despair in view – sport

It was Daniel Caligiuri who missed the last Augsburg opportunity in stoppage time to achieve a reasonably fair result on this Friday evening. And because Ruben Vargas (2nd / 36th) and Marco Richter (42nd / 45th / 65th) did not do better in front of the Stuttgart goal, the result was a result that did not really fit the game . Augsburg had been over the better team for almost the entire season, but lost 2-1 because they couldn’t capitalize on 12-2 corners and a clear increase in chances.

The FCA is sinking towards relegation

Well played, but lost – such a conclusion is already damn annoying on matchday 12 or 19. On the 32nd, two game days before the end, it’s fatal. At least for a club that is falling as rapidly towards relegation as the FCA.

For the new coach Markus Weinzierl, who whipped his team forward in the last few minutes with rowing arm movements, there wasn’t much left than to exude as much serenity as possible at the press conference. And to show such a team, in which some players had frustration and desperation written on their faces after the final whistle, that the new man knows how to stay up on the home straight.

“If we perform like this twice, we will stay in the league,” said Weinzierl. He saw a “good team performance” and “all the virtues” that he had previously demanded. “If we play the way we do today, we’ll get the three points next week.” To plan the missing three points against the massively ailing Bremer should be the right strategy. After all, the last game of the season will take place at FC Bayern.

If the impressions from the Stuttgart game are not misleading, the Swabians are really better equipped for the season finish than Werder. Especially since the change of coach seems to have had a positive impact. Heiko Herrlich’s exemption was generally commented on when it was announced at the end of April, because the results were no longer correct. Herrlich had only got one point in his last four meetings as head coach, even Schalke won against FCA.

By the spring, there was no longer any question of the overriding goals for which he was signed last spring. The former striker was originally brought in to teach a team that, under his predecessor Martin Schmidt (from April 2019) was little more than a fighter ensemble, to play a more attractive and playfully demanding style again. The question of why you choose this wonderfully must be asked. After all, Herrlich had even played a pragmatic, unappealing ball with the highly talented Leverkusen players he had previously looked after.

In Stuttgart you saw a team that performed like defensive pope Herrlich might not have liked to see it. Namely, courageously, aggressively and with speed on the outside lanes. Weinzierl, who had already coached FCA in the Bundesliga from 2012 to 2016, had the winger players Ruben Vargas and André Hahn in the starting line-up, and Vargas in particular showed a strong game. This also applied to Florian Niederlechner, who had hardly been taken into account by Herrlich recently and who scored the equalizer in the meantime (58th) after Philipp Förster had put VfB in the front (11th). It could have stayed that way, and it would have remained with a reasonably fair result. But Stuttgart’s Saša Kalajdzič headed the 2-1 (74th) and didn’t even have to jump up because Reece Oxford had apparently decided to let things take their course.

In the coming week, against Bremen, Oxford will “do better, I’m sure of that.” So that this also applies to the exploitation of opportunities, his trainer already disclosed the training content of the preparation week on Friday. Shot on goal training will play a central role in this.

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