News : DFB Cup: Energie Cottbus loses vs Bayern Munich – and still celebrates

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DFB Cup: Energie Cottbus loses vs Bayern Munich - and still celebrates

The Lusatia is a quiet area. Full of forest, cornfields, with villages where no longer all houses are inhabited. You can experience silence here.

That's why the noise of the Monday evening, the more likely to have heard until Spremberg, forest or even beyond the German-Polish border. It was loud, very loud, in the Cottbus stadium of friendship, in which the fourth division Energie Cottbus tried hard to prepare the big Bayern. It remained while trying and a 1: 3 defeat. But that was enough to revive the lulling football ground Cottbus for one evening.

The FC Energie Cottbus has just relegated again, on the last match day it has caught him, now he has landed in the Regionalliga, half of the team has left the club in the summer. The coach Claus-Dieter Wollitz, called by all Pele, has caused quite a stir for quite some time, especially through rants of anger, which get a bit confused in the excitement. In addition, the club does not get rid of the issue that parts of the fan scene are attributed to right-wing and right-wing extremists. In other words: Energie Cottbus has seen better times.

Rangelow stands for the good old days

Dimitar Rangelow has experienced these times. In 2007 he came to power, as the club played in the first league. It was the time when Energie defeated Bayern in the Bundesliga. It was the time when the stadium of friendship was called, but the host clubs only with extremely mixed feelings to Cottbus drove. Here was a team that was ready to defend every square meter of Brandenburg with teeth and claws. No fun. No friendship. A total of six years Bundesliga. A miracle actually.

Dimitar Rangelow has already played for Bundesliga club Energie Cottbus, these times are over


Dimitar Rangelow has already played for Bundesliga club Energie Cottbus, these times are over

Rangelow is still there, more precisely: back since the previous year. He is now 36 years old, around him this evening almost only young, inexperienced players. They played what they could, defended willy-nilly, threw themselves into every ball and every fight, but against the Bayern that's really not enough.

"You can see here that the whole city is behind the club," said Bayern defender David Alaba after the game. The poison of bygone days was no longer felt that evening, the Bavarians were even just timidly booed, but the Lusatians seemed simply to rejoice that again such a great visit stopped by. You could tell that everywhere, at the sausage stall, at the press house, at the fan shop. Finally a holiday for Energie Cottbus. They do not have that many anymore.

Thus, the arena was a single noise, a cheering and jubilating, but without the aggression that once coined the Cottbus atmosphere. A true stadium of friendship, this tight square box that looks like a former English stadium on good days. A stadium where you can not imagine video evidence.

Berkan Taz scores from the point against Manuel Neuer

Hannibal Hanschke

Berkan Taz scores from the point against Manuel Neuer

Thus, referee Patrick Ittrich, freed from the shackles of the supervisors in Cologne, at the last minute with a generous whistle penalty for the home side could still make his contribution to the good mood. Berkan Taz turned against Manuel Neuer and got his career moment. In the DFB Cup, there is the video evidence only from the second round.

The Bavarians still have to warm up

The Bayern, they spooled their thing off, that did not seem very masterful. In the first half hour, they were cut off by the Cottbusians amazingly often, and Kingsley Coman's 2-0 win after an hour left the latent feeling that even this innocuous fourth-division would get his big moment. But the season is still young and the Bavarians also have to warm up, and the bosses do not know exactly which players to buy by the end of the transfer period and if so, how many.

"I am confident that we will have a strong squad this season," said captain Manuel Neuer, and who sits on the bench next to Leon Goretzka, Serge Gnabry and Lucas Hernández, can not be quite so bad equipped , But two, three more of the sort could not hurt.

The guests went out late at night, it's busy, on Friday begins the Bundesliga. The Bavarians must also get fit for the Champions League, for Real Madrid, Liverpool FC. Meanwhile, FC Energie Cottbus are preparing for the regional league game. Next home opponent is the VfB Auerbach. Everyday life has Cottbus again. Silence descends over the Lusatia.

Energie Cottbus - Bayern Munich 1: 3 (0: 1)
0: 1 Lewandowski (32)
0: 2 Coman (65.)
0: 3 Goretzka (85.)
1: 3 Taz (90. + 2)
Energy Cottbus: Moser - Hoppe, Koch, Gehrmann, Hasse - Brügmann, Eisenhuth, N. Geisler (58th Raak), F. Geisler (64th Beyazit) - Taz, Rangelov (74th Broschinski)
Bayern Munich: New - Alaba, Pavard, Süle (89th Hernández), Kimmich - Renato Sanches (63rd Goretzka), Thiago, Tolisso - Coman (70th Gnabry), Lewandowski, Müller
Referee: Ittrich
Yellow cards: Hasse, Eisenhuth / Thiago, Kimmich
Spectator: 20602

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