News : DFB: Fritz Keller convinces amateur base and professional clubs

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DFB: Fritz Keller convinces amateur base and professional clubs

DFB: Fritz Keller convinces amateur base and professional clubs

The choice of Fritz Keller to the DFB president is nothing in the way. The 62-year-old club boss of the SC Freiburg secured on Wednesday in two rounds of introductions in Berlin Edelhotels both the trust of the influential amateur base and the professional clubs.

"With Fritz Keller, we have found the ideal candidate and are very pleased that he wants to accept the task with all our support," said DFB Vice Rainer Koch, who himself is looking for the offices at FIFA and UEFA. "He embodies down-to-earthness, integrity, credibility."

The German Football League, which approved its own structural reform on Wednesday and said goodbye to its president Reinhard Rauball, had Christian Seifert, the new spokesman for the presidium: "The DFL fully supports Fritz Keller and his program Football and is an extraordinary personality that stands for independence and credibility. "

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Keller's freestyle will take place at the DFB Bundestag on 27 September in Frankfurt. "I am very pleased about the support and thank you for the confidence that I have received from amateur and professional football", the presidential candidate, who will follow the retired Reinhard Grindel, himself quoted in a DFL release. He has felt in previous conversations appreciation and the will to change something.

Reasons and intentions

The designated new DFB President Fritz Keller expressed himself at a press conference on his candidacy, his motivations, his intentions and his ideas for his future office.

Question: Why do you want to tackle the huge task as DFB President?

Answer: This task was not part of my life plan. I was very happy with what I achieved with my colleagues in Freiburg and my family business. At first it was a little shock. But if many believe that I can improve something, I like to do it.

With which premises do you go to the new task?

We have a football in Germany. From the district and youth league all amateur leagues to Bundesliga and national team it belongs together. And my motto is: Only together is it possible. In this spirit I can gladly take over the task, because a structural change was already considered, which is not yet final.

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What will be your first steps also in the transformation of the DFB? And what role do you want to play in this?

We will relatively quickly form a commission with competent people who come up with proposals. I will go with the operational area first. It is important for me, as president, to help shape the structures. If the structures are right, I can be more of a supervisory board. The president is not a one-man show. The responsibility must be distributed among different shoulders. We have many experts at the DFB. We can only take people along if we give them freedom.

How long will the structural change take?

Quality is about speed, it has to be watertight, tax and commercial. And there must be a transparency and control mechanism in place. First of all, we want to set up a compensation committee, which determines the allocation of the members of the Executive Board, who should act as independent supervisory board members.

How hard is the farewell from Freiburg?

I got a very emotional farewell. That hurts after 25 years. But football is worth it. There is no sport that unites so many people. I like this task. We are aware of the social responsibility. As a DFB we want to do more central lobbying for the heroes who volunteer four or five times a week on the pitch.

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