News : DFB: Fritz Keller is supported by professional clubs and amateur clubs

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DFB: Fritz Keller is supported by professional clubs and amateur clubs

On September 27, the German Football Association (DFB) chooses a successor to the retired Reinhard Grindel and now it is finally clear that Fritz Keller will rise to the 13th President of the largest sports association in the world. The national associations of amateur clubs have pronounced themselves at a meeting in Berlin with 37 of 38 votes for Keller, the vote of the professional clubs was even unanimous. The critical individual voices, which existed in advance, played no role in Berlin.

Thus, Keller, who was nominated last Thursday by the DFB Finding Commission, will be elected to the Bundestag in Frankfurt am Main as DFB President. Until 29th August further candidates can be proposed by the regional associations, which is unlikely given this vote. His office as Freiburg club boss will lay down the hotelier and winegrower Keller.

"I have not only felt appreciation in the talks so far, but also the common will to change something and to set up the DFB for the future." I regard the clear vote as an important and necessary basis, because we can only successfully tackle the challenges ahead "Keller said. It goes for the battered by various scandals Association to "regain credibility and confidence."

The DFB will receive a new structure in addition to a new president. Due to the reforms, the future head of the largest single sports association in the world (7.1 million members) has less power than its predecessors.

Keller asks Koch to take over the international duties

Keller does not want to be represented in the committees of the World Federation Fifa and the European Football Union (Uefa). There, the DFB is represented by Vice President Rainer Koch. "I see my tasks in the national area," said Keller. "It's going to be a 24/7 full-time job, and I would not want to miss the opportunity to watch matches in the league."

After the resignation of Grindel the DFB is currently represented neither in the Fifa Council nor in the Executive Committee of Uefa. No later than two months before the Uefa Congress in Amsterdam on March 3, 2020, the DFB must submit Koch as a candidate for the Executive Committee, the deadline for a post in the FIFA Council ends one month earlier.

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