News : DFB job for Rummenigge: There are some arguments in favor, but much more against it

News : DFB job for Rummenigge: There are some arguments in favor, but much more against it

The premiere of Uli Hoeneß as a TV expert was eagerly awaited. But for a long time the honorary president of FC Bayern held back with criticism, rather praising the performance of the German national team in the 3-0 win against Iceland and the work of Jogi Löw.

Only at the very end of the RTLBroadcast, the “Attack Department” came to light when Hoeneß massively criticized the DFB leadership with the exception of President Fritz Keller and conjured up an interesting idea with a view to the German representation in FIFA and UEFA .

“My suggestion would be that Kalle Rummenigge, who is leaving Bayern, should take over both offices at some point. Then the German football world would have the best representative one can have,” said Hoeneß: “He has a network, is accepted and recognized. ”

Rummenigge has a higher standing than Peters and Koch

Hoeneß’s thesis is certainly not entirely wrong. Former DFB captain Rummenigge would certainly have a higher standing than the two current candidates, DFB vice-presidents Rainer Koch (UEFA) and Peter Peters (FIFA).

And Rummenigge would also have time, after all, his position as CEO of the German record champions ends on December 31st. In addition, the 65-year-old has excellent contacts to many European clubs and also UEFA officials, as he was chairman of the Association of Top European Clubs (ECA) from its foundation in 2008 until his voluntary retirement in 2017 and in this role from 2015 he was already a member of UEFA Executive Committee was.

However, there are two decisive reasons that make such a comeback on the big stage of world football highly unrealistic. On the one hand, Rummenigge, who has been a functionary for Bavaria since 1991, has repeatedly emphasized that he wanted to retire completely after his end of office. “There is no other scenario that I have in the back of my mind,” he affirmed his plan in the fall of not wanting to have a plan for the time being.

FC Bayern: Rummenigge does not want to switch to the supervisory board

So far, he has rejected a move to the FCB supervisory board as well as an advisory role. Instead, he had finally promised his wife more time together and at least a temporary relocation of the center of his life to his own house on the North Sea island of Sylt.

On the other hand, Rummenigge has categorically ruled out an association job like the one that Hoeneß has now offered. “I am completely unsuitable for an office in an association,” said Rummenigge only in September.

Hoeneß: “Rummenigge would feel honored”

Nevertheless, Hoeneß suggested on Thursday evening that Rummenigge could definitely be convinced. Admittedly, he never said that he would take on the task. But he would feel very honored, “because it would live up to his reputation. I think he would do German football a favor with it”.

Although the latter is likely to be the case, people close to Rummenigge cannot imagine that he will change his mind. Because on the one hand it does not fit into his personal life planning and on the other hand he would make himself implausible with such a U-turn.

FIFA and UEFA: Rummenigge deadline expired

Above all, however, and this is ultimately the decisive point, Rummenigge will in fact no longer be able to run in this year’s elections for the Executive Committee of FIFA and UEFA. Because the application period for the candidatures at the world association ended at the beginning of December, that for the European umbrella association at the beginning of January.

Should Koch and Peters withdraw voluntarily – for whatever reason – their places would not become vacant for Rummenigge, but would remain vacant for the next two years. And, theoretically, Rummenigge could not start until 2023, when it will soon be 68 years old.

In any case, organized professional football will no longer change its opinion, at least in public, that Koch and Peters are the best candidates. After all, the DFB Presidium and all four DFL representatives with voting rights gave a clear vote in favor of Koch and Peters at the end of October. After the application deadline for the two FIFA and UEFA bodies, their election is considered certain by sport-political insiders and is of enormous importance for Germany’s future standing in world football.

Hoeneß ‘real core: DFL against DFB leadership trio behind Keller

So Hoeneß ‘proposal for Rummenigge was not voted, nonetheless he expressed the majority opinion in the professional camp in his remarks. There is still considerable displeasure there with Koch, DFB General Secretary Friedrich Curtius and Treasurer Stephan Osnabrügge because of the ongoing power struggle with the former Freiburg President Keller.

After both sides had promised “one last attempt” to work together at the beginning of the year and then made this official by means of a press release as a result of the DFB presidium meeting on January 14th, Curtius now dismissed Keller’s office manager Samy Hamama without notice next scandal.

Allegedly, Hamama has seen a lucrative DFB contract with a controversial media consultant on Keller’s behalf and possibly passed it on to the press. None of this has been proven and the question arises again why Keller has apparently been withheld important documents since taking office.

Hoeneß: DFB General Secretary Curtius “completely overwhelmed”

Therefore, Hoeness’ attacks on Thursday went in the same direction as those of the DFL, which Curtius even withdrew confidence and excluded from its meetings. “I am convinced that personnel consequences have to be taken here, namely changes. I am thinking specifically of the Secretary General, who I think is completely overwhelmed in this position,” said the former Bayern President, who said nothing better about Osnabrugge and Koch judged:

“Rainer Koch also believes that he would be the right president. These three eternally dissatisfied people are trying to do business here and Fritz Keller is suffering. If a sensible solution cannot be found so that anyone in this association can work quietly, then it won’t be anymore. ”

The question remains, what this sensible solution could be, because regardless of his suitability, partner Rummenigge, if a miracle does not occur, will not be available as a savior. Even Bavaria’s ex-captain Philipp Lahm, who was recently brought into play by some media for a leadership role in the DFB, is currently not interested in view of his role as the organizer of the EM 2024.

Magath: There is no better person than DFB President than Uli Hoeneß

And what about Hoeneß himself? “I don’t know if there would be someone better than DFB President than Uli Hoeneß. It would certainly be someone who would bring the DFB forward. That’s for sure,” said the former national player and championship coach Felix Magath just a few weeks ago.

But since his miserably failed candidacy as DFL President in 2010 against Reinhard Rauball, which he withdrew after a few days, Hoeneß has no more ambitions to become an official in Frankfurt, according to his ideas, which were unmistakably articulated at the time and have not yet changed. From now on he would rather give the DFB good advice in the television studio. To be continued on Sunday.

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