News : DFB looking for a coach: who will now be the national coach? – Sports

News : DFB looking for a coach: who will now be the national coach? – Sports

Even if you tried to find a few rhetorical back doors in Jürgen Klopp’s statements – they were quite difficult to find. “No”, the coach of Liverpool FC repeated after his official press conference, in which he had already said “No”. He is not available for the national coaching post. “I have a contract,” said Klopp in an interview with Sky “And even if Liverpool kick me out, I’ll definitely be on a year off so it just doesn’t work.”

Klopp’s contract in Liverpool runs until 2024, although he is currently going through a tangible crisis there, but after the past two years they were on the River Mersey about to put a Klopp statue in the harbor next to the Beatles statue. They will forgive “Jurgen” a weak season (especially since you traditionally never go alone in Liverpool) and even if you had the thought that Klopp might be available for the home European Championship in Germany in 2024, he said: “If after the summer a new national coach comes and he is very successful, then in 2024 there will be no cock crowing for me. And that’s a good thing. ” Then there it was, the tiny back door.

Nevertheless: For a national coach Klopp a lot of if-then sentences would have to fit together. If he goes or has to go in Liverpool and if he has taken his year off and if the new national coach is unsuccessful, then the most popular solution for the position of first coach in Germany would come about with most football fans.

Historically, the DFB has had a hard time looking for national coaches

The German Football Association (DFB) now has to deal with many such if-then situations when it comes to finding a successor for Joachim Löw. You got a little out of practice in Frankfurt because it was in fact no longer necessary to actively find a coach since Jürgen Klinsmann, i.e. for 17 years. These are conditions like at SC Freiburg.

Historically, the DFB has also had a hard time finding the most important employee, in the past the assistant coach was only consistently promoted (Helmut Schön, Jupp Derwall), the shining light (Franz Beckenbauer), the assistant coach promoted again (Berti Vogts ). When Egidius Braun came across Erich Ribbeck after a certain amount of chaos, it all worked out well. Perhaps the most curious story is still that Rudi Völler became team boss, simply because he was at the table as a representative of Bayer Leverkusen at the decisive negotiation for a possible national coach Christoph Daum. The round needed a transition coach, the eyes fell on him, according to the legend he called his wife and then he had the post.

How the current search will end is uncertain, but you can watch the DFB a little while thinking. If the association could just choose the coach, he would quickly end up with Hansi Flick. In addition to his qualification as world champion assistant coach in 2014, he has just won all club titles in the world, and half of the national team is already playing at Bayern. There are worse application folders.

But Flick is also under contract and that’s where the difficulties begin. The contract runs until 2023, in Munich they are unsurprisingly very satisfied with his work – but could now find themselves in the situation of having to fight for their coach even as FC Bayern. If Flick had to choose between the job with the record champions and the job as national coach, that would give him an absolutely excellent negotiating position in Munich – for example when putting together the squad.

At the same time, it’s a tricky thing to “poach” the coach from FC Bayern as the DFB, since in the past completely different things were enough for thunderstorms between Säbener Strasse and Otto-Fleck-Schneise. In the matter, the most important thing is what Flick himself wants and in what timeframes the DFB is planning. Do you want a coach for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and the European Championship in Germany? Or would the DFB actually wait for a coach in the Flick category?

In what role would a possible national coach Rangnick see himself?

A candidate who would not have these difficulties would be Ralf Rangnick. In contrast to Klopp and Flick, he is not bound by any contract and his professional qualifications are absolutely undisputed. In the Rangnick case, it would depend on whether the DFB Flick gives up – and what role Rangnick sees himself in. The 62-year-old is known for thinking about the big picture and there are many areas at the DFB that would probably collide with the area of ​​responsibility of Oliver Bierhoff, the official title of “National Team Director”.

The DFB-internal solution would be Stefan Kuntz, current coach of the U-21 national team and quite popular there. For him, the fact that he knows the association structures, as well as the job as national coach, even if only with the juniors. Which is only a negligible argument at first glance, since the job of the association coach and the club coach are different. If you look at other European countries, you see, for example, in England with Gareth Southgate, a coach who has not had a notable club career before and who feels like the first English national coach to get the team on course for decades.

And if that weren’t already difficult enough, the national team is currently in a minor to major depression. The enthusiasm is measurably low in viewer ratings, a new trainer would also have to create something similar to optimism. A lot of work for the decision-makers at the DFB headquarters, who in the past few weeks and months also had to struggle with various power struggles, tax raids and internal investigations. A chaos-free coach search would do the association very well.

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