News : DFB President Fritz Keller: Resignation with a subsequent step – sport

News : DFB President Fritz Keller: Resignation with a subsequent step – sport

Fritz Keller has resigned from the office of DFB President. As announced, the 64-year-old is making the position available. In a long personal statement, Keller writes that he is taking responsibility for his derailment in a board meeting at the end of April. There, Keller compared Vice President Rainer Koch with the Nazi judge Freisler. That was the “sad low point of the desolate leadership situation” at the DFB, writes Keller himself.

In the declaration, however, in addition to his resignation, Keller urges profound changes in the association. He had not succeeded in achieving “trusting, reliable and collegial cooperation within the DFB committees”. Keller considers a change in personnel at the top to be necessary.

The two Vice Presidents Koch (amateurs) and Peter Peters (professionals) are to lead the crisis-ridden association on an interim basis until the Bundestag is brought forward at the beginning of next year. Who should be the new president is open.

In the end, after the Nazi settlement, Keller was no longer sustainable

Without naming their names, Keller criticized his opponents, General Secretary Friedrich Curtius and Vice President Rainer Koch. Keller called for “a personnel renewal at the top of the DFB, without which a credible new beginning is not possible”. The association must maintain its independence from people “who are accused in various public prosecutor’s investigations”. “The DFB has to change,” he wrote.

In contrast to Keller and Curtius, Koch did not announce his immediate resignation last week – on the contrary. Koch does not want to stand for re-election in his current office until the next Bundestag in early 2022. The DFB is negotiating a contract termination with Curtius. On Monday, Keller criticized that in the association it was “far too often”, among other things, “working” on one’s own image in public “.

The ethics chamber of the sports court had heard the case last Friday, and a judgment is expected this week. It no longer has any influence on the decision to withdraw. After Wolfgang Niersbach (70) in November 2015 and Reinhard Grindel (59) in April 2019, Keller is the third DFB President who has to vacate his position within a short time due to his own misconduct. “I took office as president because the DFB was already in need of restructuring in autumn 2019 with countless unresolved issues and ‘construction sites’,” wrote Keller. He had repeatedly encountered “resistance and walls”.

Anyone who follows Keller is completely open. The names of Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge (65) and Rio world champion Philipp Lahm (37) have already been mentioned, and most recently the former referee Bibiana Steinhaus (42) was brought into play. Keller was proposed in 2019 by a selection committee of the DFB and the German Football League.

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