News : DFB President Keller excludes resignation after Nazi settlement

News : DFB President Keller excludes resignation after Nazi settlement

“I rule out resigning. I made a mistake, but I will finish the clean-up work for which I was brought to the DFB and elected with 100 percent of the votes in the Bundestag,” said Keller of the “Bild”.

According to media reports, Keller had previously compared his Vice President Rainer Koch with Nazi judge Roland Freisler, but immediately apologized for it. “” and “” reported this unanimously on Monday about the 64-year-old from Freiburg. The German Football Association did not comment on details, but confirmed an apology from Keller.

“I very much regret this”

“Sometimes words fall in controversy that should and should not be allowed to fall. I apologized to Rainer Koch personally and in writing for this,” Keller was quoted as saying. “He is big enough to accept the apology, for which I am grateful. Especially with regard to the victims of National Socialism, the comparison was completely inappropriate. I regret this very much and will choose my words wisely in the future.”

Freisler, who died in 1945, was a participant in the Wannsee Conference and was one of the people responsible for organizing the Holocaust and later president of the notorious People’s Court, where he sentenced around 2,600 people to death. Including against the resistance group “White Rose”.

“I am more embarrassed than anything else in my life,” said Keller of “Bild”. “I grew up with the culture of remembrance as a family, my grandmother had organized Jewish get-togethers. Since my childhood, Jewish life in Germany and Israel has been very important to me,” he added.

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