News : DFB President Keller provides office – sport

News : DFB President Keller provides office – sport

The top management of the German Football Association is almost unanimous in drawing conclusions from the deep crisis within the association. DFB President Fritz Keller has declared his willingness to resign, the contract of General Secretary Friedrich Curtius is to be terminated, as the DFB announced in the evening. Vice President Rainer Koch will also not stand for re-election at the next Bundestag.

“President Fritz Keller, on his own free decision, under the responsibility of the office as president, declared his basic willingness to resign on Monday, May 17, 2021, after the negotiation before the DFB sports court,” it said in the message from the evening.

Keller had referred to Koch as “Freisler” at a board meeting at the end of April and compared him with Roland Freisler, the chairman of the People’s Court under National Socialism – in the following weeks a momentous dispute broke out. The case landed before the sports court through investigations by the DFB ethics committee.

Treasurer Stephan Osnabrügge will also no longer run at the upcoming Bundestag. According to the announcement, the next general meeting of the badly ailing association will be brought forward and will “probably” be held in early 2022. Vice-President Peter Peters, who is equivalent to Koch, remains in office as a delegate of the German Football League.

After the announced Keller resignation, Koch and Peters are to “shape the transition of the association as interim presidents with equal rights in order to bring the association into calm waters together with the executive committee as quickly as possible,” announced the DFB. Curtius’ tasks will be taken over by the deputy general secretary Heike Ullrich on a temporary basis.

In the course of the Nazi settlement, Keller’s confidence was withdrawn from the amateur representatives. After Keller apologized again on Friday, the country chiefs had refilled and asked the association’s board to remove the president from office. The DFB presidium should convene a meeting of the board, it had been said in the announcement – this now no longer seems necessary.

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