News : DFB support staff for the 2021 European Football Championship: did you know? THAT are the helpers behind Jogi’s boys

News : DFB support staff for the 2021 European Football Championship: did you know? THAT are the helpers behind Jogi’s boys

If the referee has an international match the DFB-If whistles, it’s the national team of the national coach Joachim Löwthat all eyes are on – this is also how it is with the Soccer-EM 2021 starting June 11, 2021. However, without a few people – unknown to most fans – Jogi’s boys would hardly be able to be in top form for the European Championship games. We’re talking about the DFB’s supervisory staff, who look after the national team at tournaments like the EM 2021.

German national team at the European Football Championship in 2021: The staff always travels with you

Admittedly, what the team behind the team does every day while the professional footballers prepare for international matches remains hidden from most football fans. The support team with 28 people comprises more people than the actual squad with which national coach Jogi Löw is approaching his last European championship. Behind the scenes, it’s not just special coaches, physiotherapists and team doctors who make sure that the national team is in top form on the pitch in time for kick-off. The support staff also includes media professionals, a team photographer, service staff and scouting specialists. The DFB entourage is rounded off by security experts, a personal chef and a bus driver who chauffeurs Jogi’s boys to the respective venues.

These are Jogi Löw’s colleagues in the DFB’s coaching staff

The best known to the fans of the German national team is probably the coaching team that drills the team in preparation for top performance. To the team of National coach Joachim Löw In addition to assistant coach Marcus Sorg, goalkeeping coach Andreas Köpke and Oliver Bierhoff as director of the DFB national teams and the football academy.

As so-called “special coaches”, employees such as the fitness trainers Nicklas Dietrich, Krunoslav Banovcic and Shad Forsythe or the sports psychologist Dr. Hans-Dieter Hermann is about the fact that the national players’ body and mind are well prepared for the challenging international matches. Meanwhile, the team doctors are Prof. Dr. Tim Meyer, Dr. Jochen Hahne and Dr. Josef Schmitt rifle on foot to treat injuries. The docs are supported by physiotherapists Wolfgang Bunz, Jan Kerler and Bernd Schosser.

Several DFB employees also take care of the national team’s wellbeing aside from sporting matters. The management team includes, for example, Maike Seuren and Thomas Beheshti. The team manager also has a personal soccer connection: Maike Seuren kicks herself as a soccer player at 1. FC Köln.

Since sports journalists all over the world wait impatiently for news updates at every game of the German national team, the DFB employs its own press team for the team. Interview requests and TV appointments, for example, are coordinated by Hans-Ulrich Voigt, while Jens Grittner, as the national team’s press spokesman, is available to answer questions himself. Cutter Jens Gronheid is responsible for processing and editing moving images, and team photographer Philipp Reinhard is also on board as a photo professional. The media team is completed by Martin Christ and André Fulczyk.

Between jerseys and risk analyzes: These employees are indispensable for the national team

Of course, the national players have to rely on the fact that their “working material” is always in top shape at every match. Three men take care of the jerseys and shoes at the DFB, namely Christian Staatz, chief kit manager Thomas Mai and Jan Heller, who is the second kit manager. The fact that the national team can concentrate on kicking at any time without having to worry about the safety of the players is something that personal and property protectors José Meneses and his colleague Björn Borgmann from the security team ensure. The duo also takes care of the security coordination for international matches and creates risk analyzes.

Speaking of analyzes: after the game is known to be before the game in football. Needless to say, every game played by the national team is thoroughly analyzed afterwards in order to optimize the game’s performance. That is the area of ​​responsibility of Christofer Clemens and his scouting colleague Dr. Stephan Nopp. The two strategy experts also scrutinize the opposing team before each international match.

Scrumptious! Anton Schmaus is the new team chef for the DFB-Elf

And then there are two employees without whom the German national soccer team would be really lost: We’re talking about two gentlemen named Anton Schmaus and Christian Hochfellner. The former should be well known to gourmets: Anton Schmaus is a star chef and not only the owner of the restaurants “Storstad”, “Sticky Fingers” and “Café Antoinette” in Regensburg, but has also been the head chef of the DFB team since summer 2017. The culinary expert learned his trade in Lugano, St. Moritz, Stockholm and New York; As a DFB chef, Anton Schmaus pays close attention to what the national football team is about to eat. Before Schmaus swung the wooden spoon for the national team, the national team’s personal chef was called Holger Stromberg.

Cheers to our bus driver! Christian Hochfellner is the team chauffeur for the national team

Anton Schmaus is responsible for ensuring that the national players can always start their international matches full and satisfied – a certain Christian Hochfellner is responsible for ensuring that the team arrives at the venue on time. The Limburg native is the official bus driver of the DFB team bus and is allowed to chauffeur the DFB men to the games. Christian Hochfellner has been behind the wheel for the men’s national team since 2016, and Hochfellner has been the man of choice since 2004 when it comes to promoting other teams.

Matthias Grimm is also responsible for the mobility of the DFB-Elf: The travel agent has been booking all trips for the national team since 2014, but has been with the DFB since 1993.

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