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DFB team at the World Cup: Everything works - almost everything - sports

  • Germany pulls with a 4-0 over South Africa into the second round of the World Cup.
  • The goals are Leupolz, Däbritz, Popp and Magull - South Africa has no chance.
  • In the second round Germany will play on Saturday (17.30 clock) in Grenoble. The opponent is not determined yet.
From Anna Dreher, Montpellier

Alexandra Popp smiled liberated, then made a gesture to her left ear, forefinger and thumb outstretched. Maybe she called the football god to thank. Anyway, it was a short phone call, the cheering in the field Popp ran directly to the German bank, waved all substitute players to themselves, disappeared in a big hug, and everything was good. This is the achievement of us all together, that should be their gesture: "Even those who sit on the bench push us and belong to it," said Popp after the final whistle.

In the last World Cup group match of German football women on Monday evening against South Africa had Popp, the captain, with their 3: 0 already in the 40th minute for clarity. And in a way, as it had hoped national coach Martina Voss-Tecklenburg: playful.

The German team was allowed to cheer again later, at the end was a 4-0 (3: 0) on the scoreboard - and the move to the second round as a group first. With this victory Germany has lost none of the past 19 group matches at World Championships.

DFB women in the individual review

Sara Däbritz thanks her politely

The German team is much better in the construction game

Before the game against South Africa, Voss-Tecklenburg had said they did not want to bargain or even draw a tie over time - even if one point was enough to get them first. And that had been the declared goal before the tournament started, because in the knockout stage some unpleasant opponents could very well be avoided, for example England, France and the USA. But it was not just one or three points on Monday night. It was all about finally finding the right place in this World Cup. In terms of results, the tournament had started well with two 1-0 wins against China and Spain. Footballer but rather so well. "We want to take the next step," the coach had said. From battle to art, that was the plan.

That worked well on the one hand. On the other hand, not either. The Germans were opposed to the fact that World Cup debutants South Africa was not an opponent of a caliber like China with its tough duel and its destructive style. And also no caliber like Spain with technically accomplished ball possession football. The German team was much better in their development game because South Africa admitted that with tactical disorder. And even if the German game was not lifted to another level - it helped because Voss-Tecklenburg had made changes again.

She left it in a 4-4-2 system, but Giulia Gwinn moved into the defense for Kathrin Hendrich, Sara Däbritz moved to the left for Lena Oberdorf, Lina Magull came for Lena Goessling in the central midfield, and Klara Buehl was next captain Popp storm. Svenja Huth moved to the right outside. At the break then came Carolin Simon for Verena Schweers in the back four, finally Linda Dallmann for Huth (59) and Lea Schüller for Buehl (66).

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