News : DFB / Theo Zwanziger on World Cup Affair: “Law enforcement failed”

News :

DFB / Theo Zwanziger on World Cup Affair: "Law enforcement failed"

The accused by the Swiss federal prosecutor former DFB President Theo Zwanziger has attacked the investigators and Fifa boss Gianni Infantino sharp. "The law enforcement authorities have failed, both German and Swiss," said Zwanziger at a press conference in Diez. "It's a scandal."

In the previous week, the Swiss federal prosecutor against Zwanziger, the former DFB officials Horst R. Schmidt and Wolfgang Niersbach and the former Fifa Secretary General Urs Linsi charged with fraud charges. Zwanziger denies the allegations: "I am firmly convinced that the allegations of tax evasion and fraud are absolutely wrong and there will be no punishment," said the 74-year-old. "The whole thing stands on constitutionally absolutely shaky feet."

Reproach of malicious deception

The quartet is accused of fraudulently deceiving the Presidential Committee of the World Cup Organizing Committee 2006 on the actual purpose of a payment of 6.7 million euros in April 2005 from the German Football Association to the World Federation of Fifa. Also in the sights of the investigators: the then OC boss Franz Beckenbauer, whose procedure had previously been separated for health reasons.

"I vigorously resist the charge of deception, I have not deceived or betrayed anyone," said Zwanziger. For him, the charge was incomprehensible. In his view, the repayment of the money, which had borrowed Beckenbauer in 2002 from businessman Robert Louis-Dreyfus and later landed on the account of former Qatar Fifa Vice President Mohammed Bin Hammam, can not be legally evaluated as long as the purpose is not clear ,

Zwanziger also attacks Infantino

The investigators were only speculation. "You can not base that on any charges," Zwanziger said. He would therefore file a criminal complaint for "deliberately wrong interpretation of evidence" against the Chief Investigator of the Swiss Federal Prosecutor's Office and his assistant.

Even FIFA President Infantino was attacked by Zwanziger: The World Federation had contributed nothing to clarify the purpose of the millionaire payment. "Infantino is silent and the prosecution kisses with him," Zwanziger said. "This is top-level cronyism and is carried out on the backs of Schmidt, Niersbach and I. The accusation that we have cheated is shameful."

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