News : DFB: These problems must be eliminated by new president Fritz Keller

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DFB: These problems must be eliminated by new president Fritz Keller

Presentation of the presidential candidate at the DFB, new structure and farewell to the longtime top man at the DFL. German football is facing a watershed in its functionary elite this week. Within a few hours, Fritz Keller introduces himself on Wednesday as an applicant for the DFB chief position at amateur delegates and the professional clubs in Berlin. In the German Football League, the time of Reinhard Rauball ends as League President.

Fritz Keller: Why is he the only candidate for the post?

The search committee for the interim chiefs Rainer Koch and Reinhard Rauball had always made it clear that they were only looking for a strong candidate. Fighting votes are in the football functionary world anyway the absolute exception. Surprising, however, is the statement that only with cellar discussions were conducted, so for the top job no alternatives were knocked off.

Apparently the candidates were not queuing at the Otto Fleck-Schneise. Theoretically, the national and regional associations or the DFL can nominate another candidate until August 30th. Victory chances in the election at the DFB Bundestag on 27 September but would have not anyway.

Which problems does Keller have to tackle first after his election?

Above all, the DFB has an image problem. World Cup scandal and Grindel's resignation caused a huge loss of confidence. To be able to act as a social authority far beyond football, the DFB lags far behind. Above all, the external presentation has to improve massively, otherwise you care down to the village woodyard for frustration and mockery. Constant theme is the conflict between the professional clubs and the amateur group. Keller must succeed in balancing the various interests.

DFB: What are you hoping for from Freiburg?

Especially peace and continuity. For years, the association has been stumbling between crises and faux pas. Even coach Joachim Loew said: "The DFB has been in a troubled waters for the past few months, and who knows the Fritz Keller knows that he stands for certain values: openness, straightforwardness, honesty." The last president to leave office without quarrels or scandal was Kellers Vor-Vor-Vor-predecessor Egidius Braun at the beginning of the millennium.

Will Keller become full-time president?

No. Nothing changes on the compensation rules. Keller would have as before him Grindel rights to a allowance and a loss of earnings totaling 14 400 euros per month. The debate about Haupt- and honorary was already more of a sham discussion anyway, because both variants are already possible according to the DFB statutes. Basically, however, the job profile will not be present in the DFB headquarters every day. His business as a winemaker and restaurateur make him financially independent.

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Is Keller the right man for a new beginning?

In all praise and compliments for the top winegrower: Even Fritz Keller was in recent years part of the system, if only as a marginal figure. For the DFL, whose supervisory board he belongs to, he sits on the DFB board. The SC Freiburg he leads as sympathetic Bundesliga provincial club for almost a decade. As a revolutionary lateral thinker Keller has not appeared so far.

A nose he had apparently in the Cause Grindel. In his first election in 2016 he did not vote for the new head of the association. Whether he is ready to initiate the right and internally certainly unpopular changes remains to be seen.

What skills will Keller have to really reform the association?

But only a Grüß-August? Or a strict guardian of morals and finances? It is not yet clear which role the new DFB boss will play in detail. In any case, the profile is designed more representative and controlling than its predecessors, who had a lot of executive power and banned in the task abundance again and again.

Which function Keller assumes in the DFB GmbH will be an indicator of his self-image. Does he actively intervene in the operational processes around Director Oliver Bierhoff and DFB Secretary General Friedrich Curtius or will he only supervise the business as a supervisory board chief?

How can German football internationally regain its reputation?

The German posts at FIFA and UEFA are lost for the moment. To regain this at the UEFA Congress in Amsterdam next March is the declared goal. That Keller is the candidate for international tasks, is currently unlikely. He should focus on the national tasks, that is, rather with the Association in Mecklenburg score points than at the FIFA Congress in Addis Ababa. In position brings for the international offices DFB Vice Chef - despite unbroken skepticism among the top representatives of professional football.

What are the consequences of the Rauball farewell and the DFL structural reform?

Through the basement presentation, another authoritative personality gets into the background. Rauball (72) says goodbye on Wednesday as League President. The post is not filled in the form, because the DFL missed a new structure and makes Christian Seifert finally a strong man.

As the chairman of the management, the 50-year-old is also spokesman for the DFL presidium and has as a member of the DFB board in Summer more executive power than Keller. Rauball confines himself to his job as president of Borussia Dortmund. The DFB is losing a proven crisis manager of recent years.

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