News : Dick Hoyt, one of the great icons of the Boston Marathon, dies

News : Dick Hoyt, one of the great icons of the Boston Marathon, dies

Dick Hoyt, in a picture pushing Ricky, his son with cerebral palsy

It is one of the great icons of one of the most legendary races on the planet, such as the Boston Marathon. An eternal legend of this ‘major’ that these days mourns the death of Dick Hoyt at 80 ′ years. Over three decades, since 1980, he ran 32 times the 42,195km through the streets of the North American city. He did it by pushing the chair of his son Ricky, who suffers from cerebral palsy and is a quadriplegic. Dicky and Ricky’s last race was in 2014. Dick was 74 years old and accomplished a feat.

An emblem

The Boston Athletic Association has issued a statement of tribute to one of its most iconic figures, one of those runners who helps to magnify the name of one of the most iconic marathons in the world. “The BAA is tremendously saddened to learn of the passing of Boston Marathon icon Dick Hoyt. Dick epitomized what it meant to be a Boston Marathoner, showing determination, passion and love every Patriot Day for more than three decades. He was not only a fan favorite who inspired thousands, but also a loyal friend and father who prided himself on spending quality time with his son Rick as he raced from Hopkinton to Boston. “

He had participated 32 times in the Boston Marathon, but throughout his career he completed 72 marathons and 252 triathlons with your child. He had a personal best of 2:40 achieved in 1992. “My father is the father of the century,” Rick told ‘Sports Illustrated’ in 2005. Rest in peace, Dick.

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