News : Diego García’s legacy excites athletics

News : Diego García’s legacy excites athletics

Diego García, Fiz and Juzdado embrace at the Helsinki goal

What a jewel we have been given by our colleagues from ‘The Robinson Report’. ‘Diego, Marathon and Life’, is the brutal story of a humble boy, from a working family, a sailor, who ran because he felt good and ended up being the precursor of something precious in Spain, of a golden age that we will never forget. This documentary reviews the beginnings of Diego García, a Basque born in Azkoitia who worked in the foundry, as a sailor, served in the military and won the Spanish Military Championship and who was able to fulfill his dream and with it drag a generation of legend. Martín Fiz, Alejandro Gómez and Alberto Juzdado owe him a lot and they do not tremble when it comes to pointing out that he is the most important figure in the history of the Spanish marathon.

A lump in the throat

Diego died on March 31, 2001, the eve of the celebration of the race that he himself was in charge of sculpting and which is one of the mythical ones on the national calendar, the Azpeitia-Azkoitia. A heart attack while training with his friend Alejandro Gómez ended his life. Far from being suspended, both Diego’s family and his colleagues and friends wanted to honor him in the best way, running.

Garcia reached the elite of the distance of Filípides after being about to leave when realizing that in shorter distances he was unable to prosper. The 42,195km boosted him to glory. He trained up to 250 kilometers a week and made up for his lack of technique with a brutal mind and discipline. He ‘pushed’ Fiz to go the long distance. Diego managed to prosper to the point of achieving ninth position at the Barcelona’92 Games. That changed his life. Together with Juzdado and Fiz they formed a spectacular team that reached glory in Helsinki’94. In that European they occupied the first three seats and staged a moment to remember with an eternal hug on arrival.

The ‘alma mater’ of a generation of marathoners

‘Report Robinson’, this program that lost Michael, its ‘alma mater’ a few months ago (which has left us other mythical programs related to athletics), has managed to build a story told in a delicious way and in which in the end the A lump in the throat is inevitable with Alejandro Gómez explaining how the moment of his death was and how that changed his life.

All the witnesses, when they speak of Diego García, show a respect and admiration that are difficult to find. “Diego García training bored me in preparation for Helsinki. We were in Navacerrada training in height and we did runs of 18km in the morning and 20 in the afternoon. A pain in the ass. But he was the captain of the ship, joy. We knew we needed that ”. A circle of friends who came to Helsinki like a motorcycle and then gave us many more moments for history.

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