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Differences Garmin Edge 830 vs 530

comparative garmin 530 vs 830

We analyze a topic and a comparison that has aroused a lot of interest in recent months. Is it better to Garmin Edge 830 or the Garmin Edge 530?. This uncertainty arises to a large number of cyclists who want to buy a GPS cycling computer for cycling.

To what extent does it pay to pay the 100 euros difference between one device and another? What are the differences between the Garmin Edge 530 and the 830? Let's go with the explanatory comparison

Differences Garmin 830 vs 530

First of all I would like to comment on the theme of the touch screen. The Edge 830 features a touch system while the 530 works with the usual 7-button format. As it is evident this subject is important but in the personal thing I would not dare to describe it neither favorable nor unfavorable. I will explain ...

For me the choice of a tactile system or not is a personal matter and of preferences or tastes. Some cyclists (my case) prefer the buttons of a lifetime, while other athletes opt for the new touch screen. In favor of the latter and for the benefit of 830 I have to say that the improvement in this aspect is remarkable. The predecessor GPS of the 830, the 820, presented certain problems with the touch system. The screen detected the drops of sweat or rain as user's orders so that on more than one occasion it was usual to take some surprise. Now this system is much more worked and the sensitivity of the screen to the pressure is much more real.

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The aesthetic resemblance is more than evident

Another important difference between 830 and 530 comes in the navigation section. The 830 offers the possibility to navigate directly to points of interest (gas stations, airports ...) and also allows the user to enter an exact address at the destination point. These two options are not available in the navigation of the edge 530.

On the other hand comment that the Garmin Edge 830 also allows (unlike the 530) vary the scale of the altitude profile of the route. In this way you can visualize the route in a global or partial way depending on your interest and in a simple and comfortable way.

The rest of aspects of navigation are very similar. Both devices have Integrated complete maps, turn signals (crosses and curves) and the possibility of recalculating the route in case the GPS signal detects a path deviation.

Up to here come the real differences between one device and the other. For the rest of issues like the battery, the size of the screen or the memory are absolutely identical. (For the "sick" of the weight comment that the 830 is 5 grams heavier).


From here is all opinion and personal assessment. As the official "tester" of the broker's purse, I have had the pleasure of trying both devices with what I can talk about knowingly.

With such similarity, it would be absurd for him to discover something new now. Garmin markets two practically identical products (even more than what 520 and 820 already were) and the choice of one or the other is purely a matter of taste and preference.

If you prefer the classic system with buttons it is clear that you will opt for the 530, while if you like the modern roll of the touch your option will be to buy the Edge 830. Beyond this it is difficult to give a more solid argument.

The differences are minimal and in this sense the 100 euros difference between one device and another cost justify. With this I am not saying that the 830 is not worth it. Absolutely. I think a spectacular GPS computer and with an important improvement compared to its predecessor. The tactile system of this version has left me surprised and next to the Edge 1030 it is the best Garmin computer that has come to my hands to date.

If your budget is very tight it is best to buy the Garmin Edge 530, while if you are looking for novelty, elegance and do not mind scratching something else in your pocket without any doubt, your ideal purchase is that of 830.

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